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Medicare for all, Not 'single payer'. Difference

is how it is phased in by lowering the coverage age. Pay for it as Sanders explained with a 6.2% corporate tax for HC since employers no longer offer plans. Medicare operates at 3% overhead so costs for ins go way down and end up paying less than what they are paying now. Mahr is not well informed on this issue or else he expresses his understanding negatively.
Also Payee means just that, it pays the bill. Medical people and institutions all stay the same but don't have to deal with all the paperwork and ins companies since there is only a single payer and with everyone covered it will easily be able to cover dental, hearing, and vision. Mahr is wrong when he says doctors will have to charge less etc.. Plus each covered individual will have a say in how the program is managed. Its not socialism it's 'Democratic' socialism.

And why not.Compared to single payer Graham"s

bill looks even more monstrous. Graham will attack the messenger no matter what. He always tries to provoke a fight with his condescending authoritarian manner. He will lie and use emotional blackmail to belittle whomever he is speaking to. His policy is indefensible so of course he will attack the personalities. He will try to present a fairy tale as his health care plan as he insults and mocks those who disagree or represent reality. Bernie is an honest good man who cares about the people and Graham is not. Democratic Socialism flourishes already in America and is the only form of government which both ensures our freedom AND our survival as we protect what is necessary for survival, coming together to decide how we do that.

This post is unfounded. Certainly not why

Clinton was rejected by some dems. She was seen as status quo Wall street bankster cultivated DLC lobbyists backed corporate centrist by some dems but few voted for Trump. But don't forget, Trump ran as a democrat against trade deals, said he would not cut SS, Medicare or Medicaid and bring the manufacturing jobs back home and get rid of Wall street influence in the WH.
Please define what you mean by "far left" because this "both siderism" is a myth. Only one side is destroying the planet and the nation.
BTW...The group you write about is such a small group that your post is trivial begging the question why bother to write it in the first place

It's the last gasp of the DLC. This purity thing

"So because we stand for Wall street and lobbyists and banksters instead of the people, the working man the middle class and the working poor we're not pure enough?" Well yeah, kind of. That's not my democratic party, the party of FDR, Johnson but I'm sure there's a place for you...not a dominate one...but a place. Down on Main street.

Don't be dAft. Just make sure they want

to put the fire out or recognize there is one.. Some would let it burn cause we need the land for something else etc.. But yeah I syupport anyone who is against this repub crap. I don't see dems fighting over that. Just mostly how to implement our agenda and being progressive often means the corporate interests or DLC loses power in the party of the people. After all the majority of the nation is center left according to the polls but if you represent Wall street over Main street then you don't represent me but I'll help you put out the fire lol.

Did the same as Correlones did to Senator in

Godfather II where senator awoke covered in blood with a dead hooker complete with photographs. All those teen beauty pageants in Russia he arranged. What kind of man does that? The kind that grabs 'em by the pussy and brags about it.

When profit is you main focus, not healthcare

It becomes self evident. Medicare operates at 3% overhead and if everyone had it it would cover dental vision hearing and psy. Nothing is perfict but single payer is the next best thing from it.

He doesn't care as this is not about

health care ins...It's about tax cuts. To pay for Medicaid expansion and premium subsidies under the ACA taxes on capital gains were increased from 20% to 23.9% and only multimillionaires pay capital gains taxes. Income taxes are 39% but these greedy goobers feel cheated paying this additional 3.
9% increase even though they pay 19% less already. They want their tax cuts back dated to 12/31/16 and want no part in paying for ins for the poor. So Trump care is taking money from the poor and giving it back to their greedy donors who already pay 19% less in taxes. Republicans don't care about health care only tax cuts for the 400 richest families

He was one of the first to call it out

He doesn't care about taking credit. He just wonts to get the job done said a republican who worked with him on a bill. Sanders has always been a man of the people. His critics here dislike him because he dared to challenge Clinton which is why their criticisms are usually so petty. The man made income inequality a main stream issue along with single payer and free higher education and can be trusted to always stand for these issues no matter the outside influences. He showed the dem party they don't need to rely on Wal street lobbyists or Banksters for financial support. Rely on the people by standing for what the people want as shown by poll after poll.

Wrong. Hillary just had too much baggage plus

Picking Tim Kaine for VP proved she was not listening and was just gonna be more of the same bankster, lobbying wall street supporting president. Her progressive change was late so not believable. People wanted an outsider and that is why all the polls showed Bernie beating Trump by a much larger percentage than Hillary. Bill forgets these deplorables supporting Trump will never support a democrat and he leaves out Cross Check which handed the election to Trump and the republicans downstream. Voter rolls were purged, gerrymandering, Comey. and Wikileaks yet she still managed to win the popular vote. The dem platform is as progressive as it can get and needs FDR types like Warren and Sanders and get rid of the DLC focus and get the DNC to support the dem platform. Love ya Bill but your bit about flipping Trump supporters is just way off and wrong.
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