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Member since: Sun Apr 23, 2017, 02:32 PM
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Wag the Dog (1997)


Dusty old newspaper clippings...


Hidden History of the Trump's first trip to Moscow



Peter Karmanos asks the Trump to pardon Kwame...


Elliot Abrams will not be pleased...



Kobe and Gianna Maria...

Really sad.


Update: they pulled the video from this tweet because they had the wrong daughter in there.

black-ish "Lemons"

"Lemons" was an episode of blackish dealing with the election of Trump. They really did a great job of showing how the characters were struggling to come to grips with it. The thing is now, as bad as they imagined it might be, it's turned out much worse than they even dared to imagine...


Blackmail ..... ... ....

Rupert Murdoch, Team Murdoch, Boris Johnson, Piers Morgan, Fox News... have all prospered and rolled right along since the British Tabloid Hacking scandal. While whistleblowers and targets of it had their reputations ruined, or in some cases, died mysteriously.

So the one inescapable conclusion you can draw from these scandals is ..

Blackmail works and pays.

That's why they keep doing it.

New York Times had a piece during the British Tabloid kerfuffle detailing how some of this works...

From early on, she (Rebekah Brooks) was known for her creative flair in getting articles and her lack of compunction in how she got them.

In 1994, she prepared for The News of the World’s interview with James Hewitt, a paramour of Princess Diana, by reserving a hotel suite and hiring a team to “kit it out with secret tape devices in various flowerpots and cupboards,” Piers Morgan, her former boss and now a CNN talk show host, writes in his memoir “The Insider.”


Rudy Giuliani: Rupert Murdoch 'a very honorable, honest man'

Trump on the prowl...



MARTHA MITCHELL, The Other Watergate Whistleblower: Drunk History


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