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Member since: Sun Apr 23, 2017, 03:32 PM
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Were they the warm-up act for Richard Spencer?


How the Media made Richard Spencer a National Figure

How the Media made Richard Spencer a National Figure


CNN, in their eternal quest to peel off FN viewers, with an open invitation to racists.


Archie Bunker'd

Actually I'm encouraged to read your description of the episode. I didn't get a chance to watch it and I probably wouldn't have even if i could. Was never a fan of the show so I'm glad they picked a script that depicted the worst of Archie.

Emily Nussbaum was on Fresh Air yesterday and talked about some of the pushback that Norman Lear received at the time. Lear defended the Archie Bunker character by saying hey we all have that bigoted relative that we love anyhow.


Did Archie Bunker pave the way for Trump or just foreshadow Trump?


Clayton Morris has fled to Portugal


Masha & Keith Gessen

had a great segment a few months ago. Masha talks about the dread she felt with Trump but still feeling confident that the Institutions in place would withstand this. Now she's not confident that they will withstand the Trump presidency...


Looking forward to this one.


Hide the women and children...

literally. As bad as the optics were on this, to any thinking person, it would have been much worse if they hadn't hid the women and children. The only woman there is a Border Patrol Agent. She appears to be from central casting in a meme-reversal sense.


Jeffrey Epstein set up his lodge at Interlochen arts camp -- he tried to groom her teen daughter

Interesting side note is that JonBenét Ramsey's family had a place in nearby Charlevoix Michigan. Maybe there's something in the water up there? Speaking of which Nestlé's® steals tons of fresh water from that area too, but that's another story, for another time.


Pompeo & Co.

Wouldn't surprise me if Trump had Pompeo and the State Dept. using this dubious tech to identify the patrons of this bar...


Facial recognition tech has been under scrutiny in Detroit and elsewhere...





Jimmy Kimmel 'thanks' Mark Burnett for Donald Trump


How Mark Burnett Resurrected Donald Trump as an Icon of American ...

How Mark Burnett and 'The Apprentice' Sold Trump - The Atlantic

FBI claims to have lost most of its files on white nationalist forum Stormfront



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