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Biscayne Bay

Funny that a clue on Jeopardy today made me think of Bebe Rebozo. The answer was Biscayne Bay.

Ivan Dixon

Ivan Nathaniel Dixon III (April 6, 1931 – March 16, 2008) was an American actor, director, and producer best known for his series role in the 1960s sitcom Hogan's Heroes, for his role in the 1967 television film The Final War of Olly Winter, and for directing many episodes of television series. Active in the civil rights movement since 1961, he served as a president of Negro Actors for Action...

Hogan's Heroes[edit]
In his best-known role, Dixon appeared as POW Staff Sergeant James "Kinch" Kinchloe in the ensemble cast of the television sitcom Hogan's Heroes. "Kinch" was the communications specialist, a translator of French, and Hogan's default second in command. Dixon played Kinchloe from 1965 to 1970, the only one of the series' long-time cast not to remain for the entire series. Kenneth Washington replaced Dixon for the last year of the show's run, as a different character filling a similar role.

Film work and directing[edit]
From 1970 to 1993, Dixon worked primarily as a television director on such series and TV movies as The Waltons, The Rockford Files, The Bionic Woman, The Eddie Capra Mysteries, Magnum, P.I., and The A-Team. Dixon's first feature film as director was the blaxploitation thriller Trouble Man.[6] He also directed the controversial 1973 feature film The Spook Who Sat by the Door, based on Sam Greenlee's 1969 novel of the same name, about the first black CIA agent, who takes his espionage knowledge and uses it to lead a black guerrilla operation in Chicago. The New York Times wrote in 2008:
Although The Spook caused controversy and with suppression facilitated by the F.B.I., was soon pulled from theaters, it later gained cult status as a bootleg video and in 2004 was released on DVD. At that time Mr. Dixon told The Times that the movie had tried only to depict black anger, not to suggest armed revolt as a solution.[2]

Occasionally returning to acting, Dixon played a doctor and leader of a guerrilla movement in the 1987 ABC miniseries Amerika, set in post-Soviet invasion Nebraska.

He also served as Chairman of the Expansion Arts Advisory Panel of the National Endowment for the Arts in 1978...


Slotkin under attack for impeachment stand

Republicans, led by 8th Congressional District Chairman Norm Shinkle, protesting outside U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s office at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Saginaw Street Tuesday.

Posted Thursday, October 10, 2019 11:50 am
Kyle Melinn

Sensing that independent voters aren’t in love with the idea of impeaching President Donald Trump, Republicans nationwide are hopping on Democrats in battleground districts who have come out in support of an impeachment inquiry.

In Michigan, that means Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly, whose district includes Ingham County, and Rep. Haley Stevens, R-Rochester Hills, are being collared with their support for moving forward on removing Trump from office. The latest drives come after Trump’s apparent attempt to hold up foreign aid to Ukraine until the country agreed to investigate potential wrongdoing in their country by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

In a rare move, the Republican National Committee is working with the Trump reelection campaign to buy $10 million in cable TV and digital buys in 25 to 50 competitive House districts, including Michigan’s 8th and 11th districts. The National Republican Congressional Committee have stepped up its criticism of both. Itsr central theme is that both “caved into D.C. partisan politics” instead of being the “problem solvers” they both ran on.

It also means upped visibility by the Michigan Republican Party and it public criticism of Slotkin and Stevens. On Tuesday, GOP state party chairwoman Laura Cox held press events in front of Slotkin’s Lansing office and Stevens’ Livonia office to voice her displeasure...


With the Giuliani business just starting to unravel I predict that the GOP will eventually abandon this campaign against Slotkin. They have too many fronts to battle on.

Journalist says a CBP officer withheld his passport until he agreed he writes "propaganda"


GOP ads target Elissa Slotkin over Impeachment Inquiry

Of course this is why Nancy Pelosi was being extra cautious in pursuing impeachment. She knew that the GOP would try to use this to win back some swing seats.

Hopefully in this heavily gerrymandered district in Mid-Michigan voters see through this. I think and hope that the turnout will be such that Elissa Slotkin will carry it anyways.

Ronald 'Dutch' Reagan & Elmore 'Dutch' Leonard

One reason I'm glad The Nation told this story is that it brings to mind a tale Elmore Leonard told on a Detroit radio station several years ago. It was almost word for word the same story Ronald Reagan tells in the piece above.

Elmore Leonard was a semi-regular guest with Warren Pearce of WJR and one time out of nowhere he rants about some lady using food stamps at a Detroit area Kroger. He went on about her having a fur coat and then saw her getting into a Cadillac in the parking lot.

So right at the time I heard this a couple things came to mind. One it sounded suspiciously like the myth that Reagan and others on the right had perpetuated. Secondly, and more importantly, why the fuck do you care? I'm pretty sure Elmore Leonard, between his books, movies and Justified tv show, was doing alright.

Going on the assumption he actually saw this and hadn't just internalized some right wing fever dream. Maybe that lady had bought those things before she had a bad run of luck. Especially considering this was around the time of the 2008 housing bubble.

No matter how someone ends up like that I'm happy there are safety nets to help people get through. Not to mention I doubt most people want to go on food stamps. Glad I finally got that off my chest.

US Actions In Venezuela In 2019 Repeat Scenario Of 2013 Video Game Made With DoD Consultant

Another case of corporate media working closely with the military to foreshadow and pre-condition the public for future operations?



The Ugly Myth of the Welfare Queen


The Phony Liberalism of Bill Maher

OCTOBER 2, 2019
The Phony Liberalism of Bill Maher
Despite everything he does and says, media still call HBO host a 'liberal'


Indeed, when asked, he has been explicit about his ideology: “I’m a libertarian,” he said to Rolling Stone (4/13/11). “I would be a Republican if they would. Which means that I like the Barry Goldwater Republican Party, even the Reagan Republican Party.” His choice in naming the two figures whose mission was to upend the liberal order, often through appeals to racism and white nationalism, is telling.


Yet corporate media continue to describe him as a liberal. Newsweek (3/16/19) did so in a story about him criticizing the Democratic Party, the Washington Times (9/13/19) did the same when it reported on his recent claim that the new “far-left” Democrats’ ideas are a “cancer” and they look “crazier” than Trump to him, while Fox News (5/11/19) reminded its readers twice that Maher was a liberal in a story about him praising Trump’s handling of the economy.

And therein lies the utility for the media in persisting to describe the self-described libertarian as a liberal: It allows media to formulate “he’s a liberal but” stories. “Conservative Criticizes Democrats” is not going to drive any clicks, whereas “Liberal Praises Trump” does. It is a classic example of the “Man Bites Dog” phenomenon.

Ultimately, Maher has built up an impressive following and continues to espouse snarky elitist hot takes weekly for HBO, earning an estimated $10 million per year doing so. Call him a racist, a bigot or an astute businessman; just don’t call him a liberal.


Jack Ryan

Amazon staying true to Tom Clancy's propagandapalooza...


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