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CNN peddling a story about a bullshit gesture by McConnell

Why even 'report' this? It means absolutely nothing.


A nothing PR statement but laundered as an actual story that pretends the GOP is doing something.

CBS pulls 'FBI' season finale after Texas elementary school shooting

Also worth noting again that FBI International films in Budapest. So CBS and Dick Wolf are helping to finance the fascist government of Victor Orban.





Silicon Valley of the Donalds

Fascism is taking a foothold in the Silicon Valley (Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk...).




Hat tip to Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin I was too late to bump this.

Elon Musk's Hand-Picked Twitter Investors Confirm Some of His Critics' Worst Fears

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has corralled a group of 19 billionaires, firms, and funds to invest more than $7 billion to finance his takeover of Twitter, which he’s said he pursuing in the name of “free speech.” Musk is on the hook for $44 billion to buy the platform, which he won’t be able to afford unless he pledges his Tesla shares for a loan. With these new investors, though, he’ll only have to personally put up half that amount.

Musk’s purchase has been cheered by figures on the right and far-right and who insist that Twitter persecutes them out of political bias, and Musk—whose politics aren’t entirely clear-cut—hasn’t dissuaded the notion, even been criticizing the left for being too extreme. At the same time, his bid has worried researchers and users who’d prefer that Twitter not roll back efforts to keep the worst of the worst—Nazis, QAnon boosters, extreme anti-vaxxers—off the platform. Musk hasn’t gotten into many specifics about alter he’d change about the company’s policies. He also may not be able to dramatically change how moderation works on Twitter given restrictions like the European Union’s forthcoming Digital Services Act, which will require social media sites to more forcefully regulate content.

But his choices of co-owners may be telling. In addition to a fairly typical assortment of Silicon Valley venture-capital firms and heavyweight foreign investors, there are a number of prominent Donald Trump supporters as well as advocates for looser moderation policies on social media and a major crypto exchange, who are surely thrilled to be in businesses with the planet’s most prominent booster of Dogecoin. Maybe they’re all there to make a buck: Musk pitched these investors on ambitious plans to grow Twitter by cutting down on costs and monetizing tweets. Just as likely, they want to make Twitter the social network they’d like to see in the world. Here’s a guide to the investors who may soon own a piece of Twitter.

Lawrence J. Ellison Revocable Trust

Larry Ellison—the multibillionaire founder of Oracle and Donald Trump supporter —pledged to invest $1 billion in Musk’s purchase. Ellison claims to be a close friend of Musk’s and joined Tesla’s board in 2018. Ellison’s Oracle almost got to take over part of TikTok’s U.S. operations in what appeared to be a sweetheart deal during the Trump administration. It withered after Trump lost re-election, but now Ellison may get another bite at the social-media apple.



Secret Service agents sent home from South Korea after drunken incident

The Secret Service is out of control...


Georgetown Hoyas too..


Silicon Valley of the Donalds

Fascism is taking a foothold in Silicon Valley (Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk...).




White House hires Richard Sauber to defend Biden administration from future GOP investigations

JFC probably a better chance Biden goes to prison (or faces any legal consequences) than Trump...

The DOJ and Courts are a fucking joke.


Musk MAGA Tax

This guy can fuck off...







Republicans in Michigan have replaced election officials who certified Joe Biden's win

Bipartisan members who serve on state and county boards of canvassers in Michigan have an important job: certifying the results of elections, making them official.

In 2020, Former President Trump and his allies urged them not to certify as part of his campaign to undermine and overturn the presidential election, even though Joe Biden won Michigan by more than 154,000 votes.

Since then, local GOP leaders have replaced many of the canvassers who upheld their oaths and voted to certify the results for Biden — even canvassers who are members of their own party.

Michelle Voorheis, a Republican canvasser in Genessee County until last year, is one of them. She says she wasn't re-nominated because she pushed back against false allegations of election fraud...





Seems like a lot of tv shows are run by right-wing assholes..

Jeopardy with Mike Richards. Oz, and even anti-vaxxer Mayim Bialik. Masked Singer: Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani.. Dancing With the Stars: Sean Spicer...




Scorpion was a pretty good show on CBS for 4-years. They had one particularly prescient episode though...

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Vote
Episode aired Nov 7, 2016

On election day, someone tries to create turmoil in the U.S. presidential election, and Team Scorpion is called to investigate.





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