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Member since: Wed Apr 19, 2017, 03:16 PM
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How come there are no strict anti-abortion politicians who run....

....on a platform of more funding for welfare, schools, sex education, food stamps and cutting military spending, corporate tax breaks, no bid bullshit contracts all in the interest of funding for social programs, the children and the family?

I would actually take that person (despite disagreeing with their stance on the procedure itself) at their word of being genuinely concerned for life and sincere in their beliefs as opposed to the 100% disingenuous likes of Mike Pence and Kay Ivey.

Yet it seems, they don't exist? Why is that? Explain like I'm five. You think it has something to do with appealing to a base that can't wrap their mind around anything but a boiler plate conservative philosophy to get elected?

Posted by RhodeIslandOne | Thu May 16, 2019, 04:45 PM (2 replies)

He was shot while standing in line at Publix. But how? Here's how Pasco deputies figured it out.


Dr. Timothy Balling, a 53-year-old emergency room physician, walked into the store, learned what happened and starting treating the wounded man.

Where was the wife? The store video showed Lillian Messier picking something off the floor, putting it in her cart, and leaving the store for about two minutes, deputies say.

She later told deputes that she ran out to the car with their groceries because the couples’ cell phones were there. But no one answered when she called 911, so she ran back into the store and saw her husband being treated.

But there was no gun visible in the video. It showed nothing of “significance,” a deputy wrote.


Another responsible gun owner. Fuck hubby, we gotta cover this shit up!!!!
Posted by RhodeIslandOne | Sun May 12, 2019, 01:15 AM (6 replies)
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