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AKwannabe's Journal
AKwannabe's Journal
September 23, 2023

My biggest Deadhead friend

Has a unique maga bumper sticker.
He is not a tRumper of course…

“Make America GRATEFUL Again”
It’s a tie die theme.

I love Seattle!

September 19, 2023

Toy Story Funday Football Oct 1, 2023

Disney+, ESPN+ to host an animated, ‘Toy Story’-themed NFL game on October 1

Lauren Forristal
@laurenforristal / 9:11 am PDT • September 12, 2023

“The event, titled “Toy Story Funday Football,” will stream on Disney+, ESPN+ and NFL+ (mobile only) on October 1 at 9:30 a.m. ET. It will air the same time as the real NFL International Series game, which takes place at Wembley Stadium in London.”

“Toy Story Funday Football” will replicate on-the-field gameplay with animated Falcon and Jaguar players — who don’t have faces, for some reason – running around on a traditional-looking field in Andy’s room. Viewers can watch every run, pass and score in real time through “state-of-the-art tracking technology,” wrote ESPN in a press release, enabled by the NFL’s Next Gen Stats player tracking data and AI-based visualization company Beyond Sports.”

End snips

September 15, 2023

Rep. Mary Peltola's husband dies in plane crash


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The husband of Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola, Eugene Peltola Jr., was killed Tuesday in a plane crash in Southwest Alaska, according to Peltola campaign officials.

Peltola, known as “Buzzy” to those who knew him, died early Wednesday morning, according to a press release from the representative’s Chief of Staff Anton McParland. He was 57.
End snip

September 13, 2023

Que Pasa?

For the purposes of this OP Que Pasa? Is the Mexican restaurant I am currently at in Rapid City, SD.

I came because of their billboards on west bound I-90 approaching Rapid City.

Specifically this one:

Mexican food so good Donald Trump would build a wall around it!

It’s pretty good

I am having chips and salsa
Taquitos- chicken with a “Pablano pesto”, lime crema and guacamole.
And a Bud light

September 12, 2023

Hurts donut?

Man, what a first week in the NFL???

Tonight. That was a tough game. Josh threw 3 Int!!!!

KC on Thursday
San Fran!!!

Hurts is my QB in DU fantasy
The defense got ALL the fantasy points this week. Aaargh! Lol

September 9, 2023


This is precious!
Takes me back a few years. So many of us grew up with this wonderful cast.


September 4, 2023

DU Fantasy football draft

I got a D+ on my draft. Hahaha!

Called me out on 4 13 week byes (not all starters)
And another choice…
But when people pick the players you want what are ya gonna do!?

We will see how it goes.
The projection is 6-8-0
I was better than that last year with a worse starting line up.

Looking forward to Thursday and the rest of regular season, too. Have fun out there!

Matriculating MO

September 3, 2023

Late summer mushroom haul

I stumbled upon a large cache of Chanterelles last evening. In the back yard of the AL Post I work at. Probably $100 worth! So excited but won’t get to prepare any until at least Monday evening due to double shift today and work and party/bbq tomorrow. Safely stored in brown paper in the crisper till I get to ATTACK!

Leaves time for you all to share fave chanterelle recipes.

September 2, 2023

Going back to Kansas City

I did that recently. From AK.

Heard this the first time the night before I left for KC from AK. Stupid weird.



September 1, 2023

Desperate for housing - KCMO Northland

I recently moved back to KC MO area from Alaska to be nearer to my grandchildren.

I could not rent an apartment due to no proof of income upon my arrival. (Had proof only from AK and was not accepted). I now have proof of income but I guess due to the time of year…affordability is a huge barrier. Apartment complexes price fix on demand.

I found a roommate situation at the end of July. Moved in and one month later had to vacate due to my roommate having a mental health breakdown. It was bad and I packed my belongings within an hour and got the eff out!!! So, I am back living with my good friend but can’t stay here long.

So many scams out there for housing it is scary.

If you know of a rental property in Gladstone, Liberty, Claycomo or that area I would appreciate a contact.

Yesterday, I drove to ten different complexes. So much lying and bait and switch crap my head was about to explode. Example: $895 one bed unit online was $1100 when I arrived on site. Example: Available units…arrive on site and they say that available units are months out-Nov/Dec
(Why not say join waiting list???). Example: House I called on and got appointment to see was actually for sale not for rent (Realtors will do ANYTHING to get a showing-ffs!)
Example: another company texted me “ are you REALLY interested?” WTAF???
Number turned out to be from Lubbock TX.

The above examples are just a few I have had to deal with and it scares me that I cannot find housing.

Right now I am desperately seeking a single family dwelling or apartment that is actually available, at a price of $700-$1000.

Thank you for ANY leads.

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