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AKwannabe's Journal
AKwannabe's Journal
January 23, 2020

My granddaughter

Is 3. Today she told me she loved me for the first time! She is really starting to put words together so much better. We talk on the phone and we FaceTime, but we are in different states. She is usually a bit shy or perfectly chatty but in gibberish. Today, I clearly heard the words for the first time!

Way special! Made my heart 3 x bigger. Lol. And I shed a tear of pure joy. First one in a long time!

I can’t stop thinking about it! 🥰😍

January 20, 2020

So. A BJ is impeachable...

But Abuse of Power is not!?
What the actual fuck?

I believe the premise is the same.
What Clinton engaged in was an abuse of power over another.

The dolt withheld funds appropriated by Congress for his political gain. Abuse of power. Straight out!

January 17, 2020

Sanders can't win

He thinks he’s perfect but he has too much baggage and acts like the current ass in power. We cannot nominate this man who won’t hear a woman.

He flipped Warren off like a booger on television after the debate. He would do the same to me if I approached him - because I am a woman.

He will not get my vote in the primary for DOZENS of reasons (including Cenk and the fact that Bernie uses the big tent party for his own political gain) and he should not get your vote in the primary.

January 9, 2020

Just Raging Against the Machine


Fuck you! I won’t do what you tell me!
January 2, 2020

"The Power of Hope"

I am watching the 2020 Rose Parade on Youtube. KTLA 5 posted it and I am thankful for that. Was NOT gonna make it at 8am this morning!

As soon as they announced the theme: “The Power of Hope”, I had a flashback to our beloved President Obama and a renewed spirit of HOPE.

HOPE. Yes we can.

HOPE. Yes we did.

HOPE. For 2020

Happy New Year!
Happy Blue Year!

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