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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: WA
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 01:44 PM
Number of posts: 2,994

Journal Archives

Huckleberry season

Yesterday I took a road trip on the Mountain Loop Hwy in NW WA. I am a forager and to my delight, I found red and purple huckleberries!! I thought it might be a little early. I also found tiny RIPE alpine strawberries! SCORE! The strawberries went right into my mouth. I got home with a full quart bag that was a little heavy on the red berry because I ate so many purple ones while picking! 😁

This afternoon I washed and picked over the fruit then concocted a huckleberry infused Titos cocktail. Was a perfect drink while preparing my little huckleberry tart.

I get so excited when I score foraging what I went out for. The little, super sweet strawberries were a yummy bonus too!

Magic Eight Ball

I asked it three questions this morning.

First answer: It's fate. (Private ?)
Second answer: Probably (another private?)

Third answer: YES
Question was: Will I get another stimulus check soon.

Cool. I fucking need it. Working my ass off and broke!

AK Republican Rep Gary Knopp dies in planecrash

Read this on CNN. He was the pilot and only person in his plane. It collided midair with another plane with 6 passengers (pilot, guide and 4 twenty something tourists from SC).

Tragic accident for sure!... but what I found interesting was an article from Ballotpedia on his recent recall because he was working with Democrats.


Here's the CNN link too

LIVE! From Daryl's House!

Daryl Hall has been streaming live shows from home since 2007 !

I just watched him with Bill Gibbons of ZZTop singing LaGrange and another with Finger Eleven. Both boss sets!

Here's a link to his website and archived episodes. And a link to the ZZTop set from YouTube.
Rock On!



Peanut butter

On graham crackers.

U get the jar and open it.
Spread as thick a layer on as u want.
Eat. Repeat.

My fav snack.

This Girl Is On Fire!

Nancy Pelosi
Kiesha Lance Bottoms
Stacy Abrams
Tammy Duckworth
R Maddow
Alicia Keys


Who else?


7 & 7, top shelf weed, and Elle King

Yep. I got attiTUNES!



This bio is in my King County WA voters phamphlet! OMG!

For Congressional District No. 8

Dave Saulibio
(Prefers Trump Republican Party)
Has contact info...

Elected experience
Since my May 2018 congressional bid the House Democrats focused on a Russian collusion hoax, then a phony impeachment, like watching a long, lousy movie. Kim Schreier and cohorts failed to put America first.

Other professional experience
US Army veteran, captain; Boeing company, manager, 737 airplanes wiring assembly; CEO, DAS electronics and USA tactical tripod; 30 year Pierce county resident.

Blah blah blah (all his ED listing. Not typing it)

Community service
I fulfilled numerous request from US combat troops in Afghanistan and Iraq for free samples of my Spokane made tactical tripods

Trump orchestrated the best economy since 1968 then, Communist China wrecked it. But, the sky is not falling. An unencumbered Trump will accelerate the full recovery of the economy.

Congress has to get out of his way.

The candidate you elect in 2020 will either make Trump's job easier or complicated the next two years.

In Congress, I will join the house freedom caucus, the band of MAGA (Make America Great Again).

Closing argument
Communist China is our biggest threat. Trump can also fix that problem much faster with a Republican majority in Congress. Personally, those damn Commies can go to hell. I will always put America first.


Well. That is one helluva bio. Pretty sure he is from the east side/ Spokane area. I was laughing and crying reading this horseshit! He looks to be in his sixties.
I won't post his contact but you can google his name I am sure he will be at the top of the mask holes list! Wow. Just. Wow.

Veggie Straws and a Cupcake

Zesty Ranch and Hostess starSpangles. It is a white cake. Prob will taste crappy!

I will try them together too! Sweet and Salty. Yum

Yep. Canít sleep and have the munchies.

Wish we could turn back time to the good dope days!

I am so stressed out!

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