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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: AK
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 4,787

Journal Archives

Boy, that Vallow, Daybell, Cox story outta ID is effed up!

My mind is contorted with the twists and connections. This one will take some time to unravel, I would estimate.

Those poor children. Their mother is quoted (by a friend in CNN article) with saying each was a zombie and that their church basically existed to kill/rid zombies. Then, once she said it a child disappeared - first the girl, then the boy (according to the friend in CNN article ) My mind is numb.

The number of people that have died in this ďaffairĒ is crazy! WTF? Is law enforcement doing around there? I am gonna go look for more articles. I donít do drama very good but this story has so many twists itís like horror novel and I need some more info. I had only read one other article when the couple was found in HI. Hope that this couple is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Pretty sure this isnít over. By a long shot. Hoooey!

The Into The Wild bus took a helo ride

Welp, the powers that be in Alaska decided this ďtouristĒ attraction had to go.

Iíve seen the movie but would never venture out to see this landmark. I am pretty sure there are hundreds of better hikes in AK! Lol!

The piece I read on CNN website stated that it is tbd what will be permanent home of the bus.

I wrote this last year on June 19


Edit: LINK FIXED. Thanks for the heads up! Copied straight from my journal first time and same second time. Weird!

White man with black kids - George Floyd was my wakeup

This is an excellent essay by a man married to a woman from Angola. They have two children and live in MN. He details how his white upbringing left him in denial about systemic racism and racial profiling.



Editorís Note: Arick Wierson regularly writes for CNN and is a six-time Emmy Award-winning television producer, and former senior media adviser to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He currently advises political and corporate clients in the United States, Africa and Latin America. He and his family live in Excelsior, Minnesota, an area a few miles west of Minneapolis. You can follow him on Twitter @ArickWierson. View more opinion at CNN.

(CNN)My wife, Gilda, is Black.

We met years ago when I was working in Angola, her native country in southern Africa. Together, we have two mixed-race children, Haakon and Gabriella, ages 6 and 3.

On the evening of May 25, Gilda and I were finishing up a Memorial Day dinner with some friends; we had enjoyed a sunny afternoon boating near Excelsior, a quaint little touristy town on Lake Minnetonka, an affluent area just west of Minneapolis where we live. As we were wrapping up our dinner, we were completely unaware that just a few miles away, a Minneapolis police officer was digging his knee into the neck of an unarmed Black man named George Floyd, ultimately killing him in broad daylight.

End snip<

Times Like These

This vid is epic. Love all the voices.

The dude with the lava lamp! Cool
The dude playing drums and then hits the wine glass! Makes me smile.
The dude on the toilet!! The contrast is fucking fantastic!

Ladies and gentlemen...


Kitty Kat Blues

Redmond, WA
Edit to add the brewery: 🙃😜😳
Black Raven


That is all. And I have a buzz.

Protested at Capitol Hill Organized Protest today

Arrived around noon and the crowds grew for the next three hours that I was there. The name CHAZ had apparently been very organic and also hijacked in the last week or so. So CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest) is being backed by many who have become organic or natural leaders.

People are pretty much living there if they are helping to organize or they live very close by - which many do.

By organize, I mean administer the basics like keep barricades up and trash down, etc.

I stepped outside of the zone to smoke. The persons there manning the gates asked me to where a mask. I showed them my mask in hand with my sign. They were super cool when I told him just steppin out to smoke. They donít harass ya. Just try to inform or welcome.

The BLACK LIVES MATTER mural was cool. I actually got a great keepsake on the way out this afternoon. It is a postcard of the street mural from above. Super cool but it does have the CHAZ acronym not CHOP.

People were doing yoga in the park. Distanced. Dancing in one area. The main area at the precinct was the speaker zone. Today peoples of different Native American tribes of the PNW spoke and played drums. Justice for Jackie was also part of the day today. I heard Jackieís mother speak.

My sign was two sided:

All Mothers Were Summoned



People sparked conversations about my sign and also told me I mattered.

In honor of flag day I wore my red, white and blue TruckFump hoodie. 😁

Was a good day and wish I had a bucket to put some pics in and post here.

Black Lives Matter

Running. Man.


Hope this works...

Fucking awesome vid of Joe and Barack running compared to the idiot slow walking yesterday. BURN!

I'm off to twitterville edit: #obamadayjune14

To see the shitshow for tRump bday.
Canít wait to see all the images of a real President plastered all over little doll handís twitter feed.

Happy shitshow day donnie doll hands. You fucking moronic asshole!

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick tribute to John Prine


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