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Profile Information

Name: Melissa
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tucson/AZ
Member since: Sun Apr 16, 2017, 12:26 PM
Number of posts: 13,850

Journal Archives

Lordy let there be a diary

So Hope Hicks appears to have kept a diary. Publishers are after her to write a book. Wonder if anyone with half a minute’s worth of government experience has told her that her diy kept at work is government property.

Dear Diary,

Today Impotus asked me to ........

💕💕💞❤️ Hope (and pray I don’t go to prison)

Thank you! For the ❤️

I was just watching the Olympics and a nice, sappy commercial came on about a young athlete wearing his Olympic jacket going back to see his childhood coach. I told mr. MLAA that I love these commercials that pull on your heart strings. Then I glanced up and saw someone sent me a heart!

Thank you!!!!

Anyone care to see Morning Joe smacked down by a guest for his rudeness?

I enjoyed this immensely.


Has anyone ever heard Hope Hicks speak in public?

Ms. Hicks is the White House Communications director. Her predecessors include David Gergen, George Stephanopoulos, Nicole Wallace. I seem recall all of them speaking publicly while in that role. Am I misremembering? I have never heard Ms. Hicks, have you?

What ever happened to Trumps babysitter / muscle Keith Schiller?

What do you think? I will start us off with an idea.

* Schiller is working as a bouncer at a classy exotic dancer adult club with a good lunch buffet by the Tulsa airport. All thanks to Witness Protection.

I dont think this is a coincidence about Nunes

If you trade the *n* for an*l* you get

Devil Nunes.

I think it suits him.

Melania cancels her trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum


Melania just bailed on a scheduled trip with Donald to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, according to a newThe White House is officially blaming it on “scheduling and logistical issues”.

Maybe after the Stormy Daniels scandal Melania just needs to treat herself to something (or SOMEONE) pretty from Tiffany’s to feel better.

*remember the pic of the very handsome Tiffany’s security man that was going around last fall?*

Feel free to paste his pic if anyone is up for it.

This is an easy question to answer about opioid crisis posed by journalist at Politico.

*Journalist Dan Diamond asks the question: First there was Prince. Now Tom Petty. When will America finally wake up to the opioid crisis?*


Here is my simple answer. When Democrats take back control of House and Senate and not a second before.

We all know Impotus is vile, but did you notice

that vile and evil are anagrams?

does anyone know Morse code?

Perhaps Dr Ronnie aka Ronny was blinking.....save me...save me.....everything I am saying is a lie... impotus is effing crazy ...blink blink blink
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