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Name: Melissa
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tucson/AZ
Member since: Sun Apr 16, 2017, 01:26 PM
Number of posts: 15,875

Journal Archives

IMPotus, Melania, Ivanka and Jared too incompetent to vote in NYC election.i

They couldn’t manage to fill out/mail a single absentee ballot among them but Impotus is going to MAGA, Melania is going to stop cyber bullying, Ivanka is going to solve every Women’s/family issue and Jared is going to ring in world peace.


Here is the most charming and funny cat cartoon video ever. It's about 5 mins long

Enjoy, I sure did.


Remember when Jeff B. Successions said this?

When questioned by Senator Kamala Harris, Successions said she was making him nervous. Wonder if Mueller-Manafort is making him nervous today?

T-Rex is going to kill us all

trump's impotence and Rex's incompetence are going to wipe us all out. Humans will be extinct. *****RESIST*****

Did you ever notice this about two 4 letter words that describe tRUmp to a T?

Vile and Evil are anagrams (sharing the exact same letters) 😬

This is what selfless decency looks like. Warning: You might get something in your eye.

This lady's father is on oxygen. She broke down when realizing the last generator was taken. This man insisted she take his. God bless them!

6:03 PM · Sep 7, 2017


Easy way to help flood victims by giving $10 to Red Cross....here are step by step instructions.

For my fellow 'I mostly use my smart phone to make calls and to respond with a smiley face when my grand kids text me'

1. Touch your messages icon (the green box with a white text cloud in it)
2. Touch on the little box with a pencil in it to start a new text
3. Type the number 90999 in the space after 'to:'
4. Type Harvey in the text box at the bottom
5. Touch the blue up arrow to send the text

You will be asked to confirm your $10 donation by typing yes and hitting the up arrow again.
You will be sent a receipt 😀

More proof repugs are the biggest-boldest hypocrites: 3 No votes on disaster aid except....

when it is their state.

This article from 2015 just seems timely now during Harvey's arrival.


Idaho state legislator claims Obama may have orchestrated C'ville violence..here is his number.

Zollenger's phone number: 208-524-0731. It is his law office number apparently. The receptionist would not take a message and said he does not have phone mail or any other way for his constituents to reach him.

Full article at Raw story


Republican lawmaker in Idaho recently shared a conspiracy theory on Facebook that claims former President Barack Obama may have orchestrated the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I’m not saying it is true, but I am suggesting that it is completely plausible,” Idaho Falls Rep. Bryan Zollinger wrote on Facebook, according to the Idaho Statesman.

Who knew Trump was a recycler

Melania's $51,000 coat

Trump's press conference garbage wall back drop

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