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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 04:13 PM
Number of posts: 3,268

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"Ive looked on a lot of women with lust. Ive committed adultery in my heart many times. "

That is what you have heard from the Jimmy Carter Playboy interview. Have you ever wondered what the actual last liberal US President said? Over 4 decades ago he said this:


T-Shirt Idea

I just saw a picture of the Rosenbergs with the following meme:
"Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1953 for sharing secrets with the Russians.No further comment".

Fair enough-they keep chattering about 2nd amendment remedies Then I think it's OK to discuss "Rosenberg Remedies"...I LIKE that term! Remember you heard it here first! I want that T-shirt...

Modified limited hangout:

In a March 22, 1973 meeting between Richard Nixon, John Dean, John Ehrlichman, John Mitchell, and H. R. Haldeman, Ehrlichman incorporated the term into a new and related one, "modified limited hangout".[3][4]

The phrase was coined in the following exchange:[5]

PRESIDENT: You think, you think we want to, want to go this route now? And the let it hang out, so to speak?
DEAN: Well, it's, it isn't really that
HALDEMAN: It's a limited hang out.
DEAN: It's a limited hang out.
EHRLICHMAN: It's a modified limited hang out.
PRESIDENT: Well, it's only the questions of the thing hanging out publicly or privately.

Before this exchange, the discussion captures Nixon outlining to Dean the content of a report that Dean would create, laying out a misleading view of the role of the White House staff in events surrounding the Watergate burglary. In Ehrlichman's words: "And the report says, 'Nobody was involved,'


Words of Wisdom

Jimmy Carter Hospitalized: He collapsed while building a Habitat for Humanity house in Winnepeg Canada. He was put in the hospital as a precaution. He sent back words of adviced to his co-workers that we should ourselves heed as we follow the collapse of this fake Presidency-"He encourages everyone to stay hydrated and keep building,"

Breaking the irony meter

In the E-mails the Russians "offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father." The truth is they never had such documents. They might just as well have offered them the Philosopher's Stone so they could transmute lead to gold and pay for the campaign. Both would be a fraud, a chimera but the Russians knew something else, they knew Donald Trump. They knew him for a flawed man with no morals and that nothing would delight him as much as helping support his need to project his flaws onto his opponent. So they offered that to the little boy who so desperately needed Daddy's approval. They stole his nose and like a two-year old they showed the tip of their' thumb between their' fingers and he believed it.

There is played and then there is played for a fool. This was the latter, but on turbochargers...

It don't fuckin' pay enough...

Ever' day n2doc posts several collections of political cartoons. Have you ever wondered how long it takes to assemble those-I haven't but I will now.

Lolcats-every week like clockwork a photo essay on animals and humor and breaking memes-priceless.

TexasTowlie and his laser focus on a news digest for the happenings in a single random state-I know almost every time he picks my state I'm liable to see a local story I missed.

Both the Ferret and the Rude Pundit work like enraged savants skewering current events with language as vicious and agile as current events demand.

How about kpete who seems to live scanning the net for breaking news.

Certainly EarlG could sit back on his laurels as an admin for the site but instead....well,when was the last day without one of his graphics.

The thing is all these people have self nominated themselves as working drones on this site for the (at best) dubious honor of being voted to the Greatest page. Got that-untold hours every week just to give to others on the board. And I mean not just these guys but many others both in the past and present who created and continue to create to give to each of us.

A few minutes ago I read a column by one of the folks named-it doesn't matter who-and then moved on back to the Latest page. Something nibbled at me and a few minutes later I went back to that post and found that 74 people had read it and only one had recommended the page. And I realized something sad-these guys are so fucking good they don't get the recs they deserve because I, and i think a bunch of other people, hold them to a higher standard. I have become so parsimonious with my praise that I fail to notice the quality of nearly EVERY post! And I'm sure I'll fall back into this pattern-it is human to do so. But for me and just for a while I'm gonna try harder and recommend these guys every time they deserve it and you should too. We owe them a shitload...

And Malaise!
And Skittles to avoid an ass-kicking...

A thought for the Fourth

Jeepers-you overhear such interesting things in bars....

You know-the kind of stuff that you think would have hit the national networks but you google and no one seems to have tumbled to it. Any media people here?

Concerning Forever War...

Just read elsewhere online that the TV series "MASH" ran for 12 years even though the Korean War only lasted 3. To match that record a series based on the war in Afghanistan premiering this fall would have to run through the 2081 season. Anyone else think it's time to bring the troops home?

I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.

He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.

I knew this sounded familiar-Henry Hill in Goodfellas:

You know, we always called each other good fellas. Like you said to, uh, somebody, "You're gonna like this guy. He's all right. He's a good fella. He's one of us." You understand? We were good fellas. Wiseguys.
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