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I notice a discrepency

Ain't a crowd arguing against single payer systems other than health. Nobody argues for multiple systems of national defense or citizens getting differing levels of protection from enemies foreign or domestic. Seems we have a network of pretty cool interstate highways and any legal vehicle can transit them.When there are fire or police systems the concept is equal coverage. I worked as an EMT and can assure you there was never a difference in standard of care. But police and fire,and emergency medical and even military protection are bullshit and lies until healthcare is guaranteed to everyone here-citizen or not. That should be the actual truth of America-if you post it and you believe a poem on a statue in New York, than either be it or tear that statue down. America posted a promise and we each need to answer for whether or not we are liars.

I hear they pulled down David Clarke's master thesis...

...from the website of the Naval Postgraduate School. But here's a good question-reading his bio, David Clarke never joined any branch of the service and never served any branch of government higher than the county level. Here's a snip on Wiki about entry requirements for the NPS:The NPS student population is mostly active-duty officers from all branches of the U.S. military, although U.S. Government civilians and members of foreign militaries can also matriculate under a variety of programs. Most of the faculty are civilians.


My question is how did Clarke even gain entry there?

The alpha and omega of the curtsey

1st and last lines from the Wikipedia "curtsey" entry:

A curtsey (also spelled curtsy or even incorrectly courtsey) is a traditional gesture of greeting, in which a girl or woman bends her knees while bowing her head. It is the female equivalent of male bowing in Western cultures.

While some have argued that "men don't curtsey," others claimed that on May 20, 2017, US President Donald Trump appears to curtsey for King Salman of Saudi Arabia during Trump's first trip abroad as President

Somehow "Impeach the Comey-sacker!" just doesn't have the same zing....


The next highest ranking member of the Justice Department after Ruckelshaus was Solicitor General Robert Bork. Although Bork also felt that Nixon’s decision was unwise, he felt that SOMEBODY had to comply with Nixon’s order, so he fired Cox.

Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from breathing...

Because if he was faithful to that promise for a month and a half it would be effective.

Congressional democrats should give a deadline

Something like 48-72 hours for the appointment of a special prosecutor with consequences that if one is not named they will sit mute in both chambers and vote no on every bill until a prosecutor is named. Because there either is or is not going to be rule of law and this is where the line must be drawn.

Umm-what about this?

"But only one of those directors was ever fired by a president — William S. Sessions who had been appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, but who was beset by allegations of ethics violations, such as disguising private vacations as law enforcement business, and using a chauffeured government limousine for personal transportation.
Because firing an FBI director is certain to bring accusations of playing politics with law enforcement against any president who chooses to do so, Clinton repeatedly asked Sessions to resign his post. But Sessions refused to step down.

So in July of 1993, saying that he had been advised by then-attorney general Janet Reno that Sessions “can no longer effectively lead the bureau and law enforcement community,” Clinton fired the FBI director — eventually appointing Freeh in his place"

Found here:http://heavy.com/news/2016/10/james-comey-fired-fbi-director-hillary-clinton-email-private-server-influence-election/

Looks like they found precedent and plagarized it...
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