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flotsam's Journal
flotsam's Journal
December 1, 2017

Democratic leadership should tie tax reform to Trump

Do our colleagues truly want to pass this President's corrupt bill on the very day the first of his insiders has offered to testify to the criminality of his administration? Will you not even slow to consider it fully in the light of charges of treason???

November 28, 2017

You know, Trumps father could have joined the greatest generation

But like Dick Cheney during Vietnam it seems he "had other priorities". Fred was born in 1904 just like Henry Fonda who joined the navy and served on a destroyer. While he was three years older than Jimmy Stewart who entered combat as a B17 bomber pilot, he was also three years younger than Clark Gable whose wife Carole Lombard was killed in an airplane crash while on a war bond tour. Gable responded by joining up and becoming an aerial gunner over Germany. Hitler put a bounty on his head. But Fred had other priorities as a developer building military housing and after the war was over and the other guys ran back to suck at Hollywood's teat poor Fred had to endure investigations of war profiteering that continued until 1954. Poor, poor Fred Trump...no wonder his kid hates warriors!

November 25, 2017

Status Quo Ante

Democrats should demand that if Trump is impeached or convicted due to Russian election interference that all appointments and executive orders be voided and only caretaker appointments are made by a two thirds majority of the senate until the next presidential election. All appointments and executive orders must be considered as "Fruit of the poisonous tree". And democrats should start saying this publicly as soon as possible.

November 17, 2017

My family had certain standards

You don't fuck around on the wrong side of the sheets. Ring of Hell 1
You never strike a women for any reason. Ring of Hell 3,750
You never force a women. Ring of Hell 7,500
You don't molest Children. Ring 15,000

I got zero respect for violating marital vows-Bill Clinton is pond scum to me. How do you think I feel about Roy Moore? Well-I thought Newt was as low as a republican could get until Trump gave his tips for horny celebrities. And now he refuses to condemn Roy Moore. And we need Dante to tell us what are the republicans just desserts...

November 17, 2017

Franken must be investigated

And oh yeah, since we have been shown data on harassment payouts from congress on a year by year basis then EVERY complaint after the date of Franken's supposed transgression must be released to the public and examined by the ethics committee-I'm betting several Democrats show up, but I'm liking our chances.

November 14, 2017

Looks like another school shooting-2 dead??


A man opened fire at Rancho Tehama Elementary School in northern California. Three people are dead and several children, including a six-year-old, have been airlifted to a hospital.
November 7, 2017

It says "well trained militia"

and I was trained by the US Army. But I am willing to give up as many of mine as it takes. How about this-you become militia qualified only by serving and NOT receiving a dishonorable discharge? Suppose you exhibited proficiency by military training? Suppose even then it was semis banned? Because I could live with that.

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