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Member since: Wed Apr 12, 2017, 07:45 PM
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He should take those finely tuned flopping and whining skills and try out for the Italian National Team. Could win a world cup on penalty kicks!

Wow; for anyone who has ever had to deal with

Terrible difficulties with one or both parents, and the long-term effects. My best friend just sent me this link. It gives me a new appreciation of Kafka.


From the editorial commentary: "After all, the most devastating pathology of such relationships is the child’s compulsive effort — be it by vain hope or by concrete action — to eradicate the abusive parent’s demons and make the paltry angels endure, only to be disappointed over and over again every time the demons re-rear their undying heads."

Finally, some good news for a change...


Wow, thank you, whoever you are!

I really did not expect to get a heart from anyone. Really changed my day in a big way.

Yes they sure do

Patriots fans are hysterically just like Trump votors in their passionate denials. Almost everyone else has been seeing it for quite some time.

How silly

If she were truly fearful all she had to do was walk inside and the attendant could print her a receipt.

This is absolutely ridiculous


I don't believe for a minute that Lee agreed with this decision.

Is it just me?

Or can anyone else not get that damn Carly Simon song out of his or her head today?

Totality and all

No argument on BMW

BMW has been well in front in tech for years.

Yes, a 1K but admittedly not stock.
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