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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 09:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

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I watching Wonder Woman for about the 100th time, gets better every time.

Seemed that kind of night.

Wish we had a magic rope to make the republicans tell the truth.

Why is Trump flying back home, a long trip for a short speech.

I wonder.

All hat, no golf.

Or party.

Well he only really wanted the money.

How can the Democratic Congressmembers trust Trump.

He will change his mind on a whim.

I think Kelly calls all the shots.

We need to find size pants Trump wears.

Ok I am sitting here on cold winter night.

Suppose to be 19 or something outside.

I bet Trump wears close to size 50 pants.

The picture of him playing tennis shows off his big rear end.

I do not think Trump had a checkup, I think paper work was filled out.

If there was a blood test it was not his blood.

Another Dr. not a friend should do the job.

Just another con.

It is so cold in Houston that I had to put salt on the back steps.

I bought extra salt at the store.

The yard is looking white now.

Going down to the teens I think.

How about that Fire and Fury book.

Nice change of direction.

Maybe that is why asshole said what he did.

Maybe not.

No one is talking about the book.

On my Mother' s side my Great and Greatgrandparents came over on a boat.

They came looking for a better life.

Their grandchildren served in the in WW1, WW2 and Korea.

F**k you Trump in the name of my family members I never knew who were brave enough to get on that boat.

I am watching the third season of the Walking Dead with the Governor.

Watching it again with now with current White House crowd seems little personal.

Ricks crowd always stands and fight.

Any Walking Dead fans here?

I am watching all the episodes from the beginning on dvd.

The Governor and Trump are same kind of crazy.

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