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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 09:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

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Did y'all know there is a 7 ft robot on space station doing maid work.

It is true.
I saw the top half of the robot at an comic convention last weekend in Houston.
NASA was there.
The robot had human type fingers.
You can read about it on the NASA website.
The robot's head is really cool.
Something different to talk about besides Trump.

A President Pence would have email problems.

He has emails he wants kept secret..

Go democrats.

Start digging.

Lets face the white house has become a soap opera.

What would be a good name for the show.

The Crimes of Our Lifes.

As Putin Turns.

We need a little laugh.

Everyday tune in and see who is now under the bus.

Tune in and see new lies and characters who cannot remember the old ones.

So where is the President tonight, hiding under the bed.

Damn quiet.

There is a peaceful way to deal with Trump and tonights firing.

Other countries do it.

Nation wide strike.

Say home for a week.

The bastards will get tired Trump real fast.

Just stay home.

No buying anything.

The rich bastards will start to see the dollar go down and stock market.

We have the power we just got to use it.

My father was a union man and there is power in us standing together.

No body has to be killed just stay home.

On Trump tweeter account he said every country had better healthcare then us.

He is right.

Heads up warning for June 6th from a right wing nut case.

Early this morning I was watching politcal shows on youtube.

For those of us without cable it a way to see the programs.

I checking out the comments section and there was this really angry right wing nut case going off.

Anyway he was yelling in all capital letters about June 6th.

He was going on about 78,000,000 republicans were going to take the country back with guns.

Warning liberals should leave now and make sure we take our pets.

It was crazy.

Several of us did comment he leaked their secret attack.

Now all of the liberals will have guns ready.

This is the crazy stuff Trump as set off.

This guy got more upset and went off the crazy train.

At least he concerned about our pets.

Just had fun time thrashing the president with some republicans.


They get so upset their president is not repected.

Even the not first lady.

Pay back time for not respecting President Obama and his wife.

Just give him more time.

Many are in the stage where they know they were stupid but will not admit it.

No our President didn't deal with the Russians.

Tonight was fun.

Anybody watching Criminal Minds.

Russian theme tonight.

About what happens to people who deal with Russians.

Has the fake President bragged about his bigly Easter Egg Roll yet.

I know it was smaller.

Not really planned.

Other people did all the hard work.

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