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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 10:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

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Start talking Jeff.

Run not walk to a FBI office.

Your good buddy Donald is about to make you the bad guy.

You have been set up.

So how long before Trump tweets Putin who.

Only met him twice.

For a short time.

Who is this Putin guy.

Trump's note to Putin is due today.

Trump will give Putin the country.

I wonder how long before Russian troops will be station here.

The world will pass us by.

He is a peacock.

Without the feathers.

Notice the guys in the background.

Nobody went to get him.

Wow. Just saw Wonder Woman today.

I really liked it.

Watched it twiced.

Made me feel better about what we are having to deal with in Washington.

The great thing was a lot of fathers or grandfathers were taking little girls to see the movie.

It has lots of action.

I thought the movie might be a little silly.

Woman Woman kicked some ass.

A republican congressmember is getting his medical care paid for by ACA.

That congressmember has voted and will to take ACA away from the rest of us.

Congress voted to keep ACA for them selfs.

This congressmember is a poster boy for the NRA.

This congressmember made remarks about the shooting at Sandy Hooks. The remarks were not kind.

Republicans are not kind or decent people.

They created this shooting with their gun laws.

I hope they were scared this morning.

I had a gun pulled on me and it is nothing you ever forget.

The republicans made this happen with their gun laws.

How many more people.will be injured or killed by guns.

I hope he thinks what happened for the rest of his sorry life.

Did not republican party vote to let crazy people have guns.

No gun control period.

So what do they expect.

Old school Democrats would be talking about gun control.

I hope the Democrats in Congress speak up about right wing gun attacks.

The republicans will use this to try to shut the hearings about the russians.

The republicans have nobody but themselves to blame.

The same party is voting to kill Obama Care.

They voted to keep Obama Care for themselves.

How many Americans will die without Obama Care.

Maybe the shooter was pissed of over the healthcare vote.

The GOP is playing with fire.

He did go after republicans.

Rodgers sure as bags under his eyes.

Just got to wonder what Trump and Putin has on him and Coats.

If it gets to Trump it gets to Putin.

Once the flood gates open how many white house rats will rat on trump.

Deals offered for less time in prison.

Prison might be a safer place to be.

No honor in that group.
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