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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 09:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

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Serious question, is it all right to watch the movie Key Largo.

I live in Houston.

Been in three hurricanes so far.

The movie is about the Keys during an hurricane.

I love the movie and the actors.

For all the people in Florida take care.

Hurricane Ike is still fresh with me.

Rode it out at home.

Rode out Hurricane Carla at my Grandparents farm.

Hugs from Texas.

Now you know why Houston did not evac during Harvey.

We all ready had a Rita.

Looks like it playing out in Florida.

Anybody watching the weather channel.

The reporter at the airport said the air port will not be a shelter.

All those people standing in line trying to leave Florida need a shelter of some kind if they cannot leave.

The airport will close at 4.


I guess they go back to their homes or a shelter.

Hope they all get a plane ticket.

My friend, mother, and her aunt are on their way from Florida.

Also a dog and cat.

So now I have people from both hurricanes staying with me.

Would not have it any other way.

Also the first fall weather has come.

Open windows.

My friend is retired so she sold her.house here and moved to Florida to help her mother and aunt.

Now they might not have a house left.

The hurricane season is all to real.

Time for an hurricane supply list

Solar lights and jump starter for your car with usb ports and built in light.
You can recharge it with you car.
Keep your cellphone charged.
I have 3
Walmart has one for $40.
750 amps.

People on the east coast stocking up already for the hurricane.

Harvey has scared them.

Was watching my youtube channels.

We are still dealing with water here and not just here in Houston area

I have land in 100 miles west of Houston and it flooded there.

Part of my land slopes down so my little house is safe.

Looks like the republicans will not get their wall and tax cut.

My land is located in republican country.

Now we know what the trip to Houston was about.

He had ready made up his mind.

Kicking out these kids will blow back on the republicans.

The Russian investigation is getting to hot.

He knows his days are numbered.

I am watch on youtube a video of the flooding in Houston and a lot expensive houses flooded out.

Some really nice neighborhoods flooded out.

In the past floods it was more of the poorer low laying neighborhoods.

The video is an hour long taken from an helicopter.

My yard had at most a one foot of water if that much.

That was in my drainage area where the water should be.

I am feeling really lucky.

We have 4 storm drains on the corner and Lake I-10 behind me which did flood again.

The holding ponds did their jobs and there are 4 of them.

Really big ones.

You would never know that their was a flood in my neighborhood.

I am one thankful Texan.

Just saw the dog and pony show the president and his wife put on.

She sure did dress down.

Work shirt and really tight pants.

I bet she could not wait to change back to high heels and fashion clothes.

Must have watched some video of President Obama and Michelle.

This is a little to.late.

Should have done this the first trip to Houston.

Just doing damage control.

Hey wearing a baseball cap that says Texas on it
means nothing.

Totally different from the first trip.

First time they could not get out of Houston fast enough.

Now they were falling all over themselves dealing with the flood victims.

Then that crap about his hands.

Ok I am one pissed off Texan.

My city is under water and they are playing games.

Just got home so did Mrs. High Heels return to Houston or hide in D.C.

I bet she stayed away.

Wearing those damn shoes showed me what she thought about flood victims.

I know several flood victims.

This is personal.

My friend and her two kids and dog just moved in with me.

They lost everything.

My friend has flood insurance and house insurance.
Even car insurance.

She is better off then most.

She worked hard for everything they had.

They were rescued by boat.

Those high heel shoes will always piss me off.

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