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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 09:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

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I hate to see the replacements.

Only someone really stupid would take any job in this White House.

The White House Hall of Dead Trees.

Just saw the picture.

How ugly.

Well it matches the dead souls that live and work there.

Could of at least put some colorful Christmas balls on the dead limbs.

Wishing he never ran for president now.

Screaming at the tvs.

Listening to a song by John Prine "Some Humans Aint Human"

Fits the republicans.

It is on Youtube.

The song is all about Trump also.

Go take a listen sometime.

It is not a new song but it fits now.

I am listening to Bonnie Raitt tonight on Youtube and found the song again.

Bought a new speaker for the phone.

Had a nice long walk today.

Hope everybody had a good sunday.

My friend I went bowling with tonight told me her little grandaughter is having nightmares about WW3

The little girl is 10 years old.

Very smart and knows what is going on.

I wonder how other little kids are feeling the same way.

The kid is really upset.

My friend takes care of her because her Mother works at night.

Damn the republicans for doing this to this little girl.

We took her bowling with us.

I am glad I am old lady now.

I told people last holiday season to enjoy it because next year might not be so great.

The little girl is good at bowling, seems to have taken her mind off things.

We are all from Puerto Rico now.

All of us are in the same place.

The republicans want all of us dead.

They is why they are taking away our health care insurance and social programs.

Our money is their money.

Puerto Rico is a testing ground like the war in Spain before WW2.

I really believe at some point to save the country there be a national strike and more then one day.

Everyone stay home.

No work and no buying anything.

The way things are going that will be our only power.

The rich are only powerful because of the dollar and stock market.

If everybody had the flu for a week the stock market would go down.

You do not have go out and protest in the street.

Hit rich bastards in pocket book.

We can fix the country again and make it better.

I hope something happens in Washington but we cannot depend on them.

I am hoping for the best but unless the republicans grow a spine we will be on our own.

Putin is in control.

He has bought out republican party.

I getting ready to go out tonight and have a little fun bowling.

Remember we do have the power.

Even Trump supporters will get hurt.

Never give up never surrender.

Harvest Moon October 5th, relax and enjoy the view.

I will be going to my farm.

Forget about Trump for awhile.

We will make it.

Seems like years since he took office.

I am a farmer at heart so the Harvest Moon is special moon is a little special.

Take a little quiet time.

We have a long way to go.

Maybe go to a hospital outfit.

She will be in heels.

If Trump can fly in why not a help a lot sooner.

I just got up so missed his stupid speech.

Air Force is a big plane.

Other big planes could have flown in to.

Planes with people and food and water.

Then taken people out to hospitals.

President Obama or Clinton would have had planes and ships ready to go .

I guess all that big water did not keep him out.

Maybe because she was dressed in normal people clothes.

He did not know who she was.

He has problems.

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