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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 09:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

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On my Mother' s side my Great and Greatgrandparents came over on a boat.

They came looking for a better life.

Their grandchildren served in the in WW1, WW2 and Korea.

F**k you Trump in the name of my family members I never knew who were brave enough to get on that boat.

I am watching the third season of the Walking Dead with the Governor.

Watching it again with now with current White House crowd seems little personal.

Ricks crowd always stands and fight.

Any Walking Dead fans here?

I am watching all the episodes from the beginning on dvd.

The Governor and Trump are same kind of crazy.

Warm front hits frozen Houston area.

It is about 54 right now going down to 40's tonight.

It feels warm outside.

I get it.

After freezing weather 54 feels really.warm.

It so cold on the farm the chickens are hanging out in front the heaters.

I fed them extra and they did not want to go out today.

The cattle are hanging around the pole barns to keep away from the wind. We gave them extra hay.

The wood burning stove is feeling good.

It feels like like the high 20's outside and we will a hard freeze.

This is better then 100 plus we had in the summer.

Now for some blackeye peas and pork chops.

Happy New Year everyone.

It is long underwear weather.

Santa has arrived at the farm, I heard noise from room where the tree is.

It is early but it is central time here.

I went to see what the noise was about.

The cookies and milk were taken care of.

I saw a present with my name on it.

I just had to open and I received what I wanted.

A new blue-ray dvd player and the 5th and 6th season of the Walking Dead.

Yes I was good this year.

What the republicans are doing is throwing a dead cat on the table.

Distraction is all they have.

I will not let them distract me or depress me.

I just want to kick some republican ass.

Hope everyone is having a good night.

I am.

Peace to all.

I found yesterday I will have a grandchild by summer.

I have a friend who I consider my daughter.

She is 28.

She met a great young man and now they are having a baby.

They ask me to marry them and I will on New Years eve.

I am so happy.

What will America be like by the summer.

I know I will fight like hell for that kid.

I got the best present I could ever get.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays just try to relax.

I will leaving for the farm in a few hours.

Lots of work to do there.

All is not lost.

The republicans always over reach, that is their nature.

With Moron they really did it this time.

Bob is still on the job and the truth is coming out.

Do not get depressed and down.

I just listened to a to tape I made of a neighbor about Pearl Harbor. This neighbor is now gone but I still have her on video tape and dvd now.

In December 1941 was a time like now.

This nation was dealing with a two ocean war and people were scared. The future was unknown.

My neighbor said that the holiday season was kind of quiet, I think.we know the feeling.

But the Americans back then knew what they had to do.

So do we.

We have a enemy that wants to destroy us.

Our enemy is Putin and his republican party.

We can stand and fight like the Americans did during WW2.

We have a job to do, to save this country.

We will do this.

Someone posted about General Washington and the Christmas crossing.

We all have seen that picture in school.

Enjoy the holidays the best you can.

Then come out fighting.

This is our country.

We can fix the tax code and whatever else needs doing.

But not if we give up.

Happy Holidays everyone.

It will get better.

We need to this for those that came before us and those that will come after.

This is our time.

I received a call my sister, she is worried now about her Social Security and Medicare.

I told her why are you calling me for.

You voted for Trump so go suffer.

You will not be coming to live on my farm.

Go live with Trump.

I will never get someone getting benefits voting republican.

My sister, her husband, and daughter all get SS and Medicare.

Food Stamps also.

Going to get tough on them.

All my sister did was trash President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Some times people have to learn the hard way.

But their emails.

Some emails seem to be more private then others.

Panic time.

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