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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,732

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Have you seen the movie "I Care A Lot" on Netflix? SPOILERS. Question.

How much of that seize a person and make them a ward of a profiteer do you suppose actually goes on?

By the way, the movie stinks.

Irrefutable proof. Sidney Powell is not done!


How many times has she said the same thing in different ways?


Delete this if you must, but I'm just in the mood to say it. Evangelicals are fucking stupid.

Want some evidence?


Some gems:

- Lin Wood should have just presented his case to Clarence Thomas alone to avoid rejection by the Supreme Court
- "Justice" is not being served so trump and his lawyers should start arresting people.
- It's God's plan that the Supreme Court rejected the PA, WI, and Lin Wood cases because now the next step is a military court.
- It's God's plan that the Supreme Court rejected the PA, WI, and Lin Wood because now the military is going to rise up and start arresting traitors.


LOL. Is this new news? American Thinker has to swallow their pride and eat dirt.

Thanks, Dominion!


Thank you for the option to change my user name! But....

I have the best one around so I'll pass!

Anyway, if you'd like me to pass judgment upon your own, just reply to this post.

Where's that evil grin emoticon?

This NASA Perserverance stuff is very exciting and emotional!

Five minutes until entry interface!


Would Republicans have voted to convict if Mike Pence or Mitt Romney had been killed?

I don't think even then.

Never mind the wheel. Never mind paper or the alphabet. Mankind's greatest invention is....


We could live without all that other stuff. But without music? UNTHINKABLE.

How screwed, going forward, is a state like Louisiana (my own)?

An economy very dependent on fossil fuel extraction and refinement... low education standards and attainment....

Great fishing and farming, but even the fish are being depleted and our most fertile acres are threatened by rising sea levels.

Aside from New Orleans tourism what do we have to look forward to?

Kyle Rittenhouse is missing.

Has broken his bond.

When found will be headed to prison.
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