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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,733

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What's Tara Reade doing these days?

I probably shouldn't be resurrecting her spotlight, but I guess I just want to gloat about the fizzle.

Fuck off, Tara, you psycho.

Barr's justification for reducing Stone's sentence... verbalized to Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga)

After Johnson asked him if he had changed Stone's punishment to do what trump wanted him to do, Barr responded:

"Let me ask YOU. Do you think it's fair for a 67 year old man to be sent to prison for seven to nine years?"


Yoho denies calling AOC a "f---ing b---h".

That's funny. So why did he grandstand on the floor of the House issuing that non-apology?


He's a lying sack of shit.

Why did Yoho go off on AOC? Was there something recent in particular?

Or is he just a hit and run randomizing motherfucker?

According to Rassmussen, trump's job approval is 49%.

Disapproval: 49%


Anything above 3% is alarming to me.

That's between you and I

Should that drive me crazy? I hear it more and more.

How about we just retire the word "me"? Agree with I?

By the way, my punctuation in my question above is incorrect, as far as I know. Standard practice is to put the question mark inside the quotation marks, like so: How about we just retire the word "me?" Doesn't make much sense to I.

If Russia launched ICBM's at the USA, would we retaliate?

Watched "War Games" with Matthew Broderick last night. Can you tell?

Why did John Roberts agree to take this New York case in the first place?

Just to delay it? By what's been already six months and likely to last past the election.

Seriously, 9-0 tells me there was no constitutional debate at all. I smell a Republican rat.

Are Gorsuch and Kavanaugh now shielding themselves from impeachment?

"The guy is toast. The Senate is lost. Maybe we should pretend to be correct minded jurists?"

So, I just watched "The Art of Racing in the Rain"

and I cried like a baby.

And I'm thanking Enzo, because now I realize that in this miserable year 2020 my mind and body were aching for a good cry.

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