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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
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Concerning the Supreme Court: this makes me sick to my stomach

A SWAT team blew up a family's house while chasing a shoplifter. The Supreme Court won't hear the case.



Pass this along to all your trump acquaintances.

I think this timeline is correct:

February 2019: our intelligence community alerts trump in a daily briefing that Putin had put a bounty on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

March 2019: Just in case trump hadn't gotten the message or didn't understand the gravity of the bounties on American soldiers, John Bolton discussed the situation with that orange traitor in the White House.

April 2019: Three American soldiers are killed when they are ambushed by the Taliban.

They placed the few black people (very few) where they knew the cameras would be aimed.


Ten in the building, and we've seen all 10.


OMG. He's spending 20 minutes talking about the ramp.

What a pathetic snowflake.

If any protestor touches THIS statue about the Civil War I'm going to go apeshit

Here it is in front of the Virginia Historical Society, close to our apartment, on what was then Boulevard (now renamed to Arthur Ashe Boulevard). The statue has since been moved to the other side of the building, closer to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

It is a tribute to all war horses and mules that suffered so much during the Civil War. I've gazed upon it too many times to count, always with a sense of sympathy and awe, tinged with an awful lot of resentment for the traitors that caused their plight.

Incidentally, it was donated by Paul Mellon, of Mellon Bank fame, who also donated many bronze horse sculptures on display inside the VMFA (worth a visit, folks!)

Cheeses frigging cripes. Have you seen this shit?


Where's donald? Has the Lincoln Project caused a brain hemorrhage?

Don't see many tweets.

Anybody else think that "got him!" indicates they would have shot Mr. Brooks even without that tazer


Jeezus.... there was almost zero time between when Brooks fired the tazer and when he was shot in the back. In other words, "got him!" wasn't a response to the tazer but just the culmination of the pursuit. It was always the goal of the chase to "get him!"


Bodycam footage of Atlanta shooting of Rayshard Brooks

Well, actually, the shooting is not on this video, but the altercation that preceded it.

So, is resisting arrest a capital offense when he's no mortal threat to anybody? I call this MURDER.


I had this policeman friend who killed a man

It was an accident, BUT.

Here's the story....

While patrolling in the New Orleans area he spotted a speeding driver. So gave pursuit. The speeder, having noticed that he was being chased, went even faster. MUCH faster. My friend didn't slow down. He continued in hot pursuit. MUCH hotter. So hot, in fact, that both vehicles ran a traffic signal... the violator made it through the intersection, but my police officer friend smashed into an innocent crossing car. Killed that innocent driver instantly. Needless to say, the speeder got away.

The moral of this story?


This is what this new Atlanta story reminded me of. Needless death. Unwarranted death. Death that doesn't fit the crime. Even IF the deceased had committed some sort of petty crime.....


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