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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,732

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Dear Mr. Raffensberger, do you STILL consider yourself a "trump supporter"?

Now that he's called you an "enemy of the people"? Now that he's endangered your life?

But, that obvious question out of the way, I'm really here to say that I HAVE NO SYMPATHY for you. You cast your lot with an obvious snake, now deal with it.

By the way, thanks for doing your job.... but in that regard doing your job is no more noble than a grocery store cashier doing his, or a dog walker doing hers, or a burger chef doing his, etc.

We're all going to be shocked, SHOCKED he says, at the pedophilia and satanic worship

engaged in by those who have occupied the Oval Office over a number of years.

He should know, right, because he's LIN WOOD, that great leader of the trump legal team. Such an unassailable source.

His proof? Well, it's in that same file cabinet as Sidney Powell's election fraud stuff. But we're in for a GREAT AWAKENING!


Rasmussen says 30% of Democrats believe that Biden stole the election from trump


From the polling organization that said that 46% of African-Americans favored trump for the presidency:


MississippiKing just offered up this prayer. LMAO


We beseech thee oh Lord to look not on our petitions with contempt
Though it be Your way to hold all things in Your contempt
Remember Your Most Gracious Servant Donald Trump
Protect him from the devil (Biden)
Keep Your Hands on Him that He may continue to grow in the Your Light
And that He may join His Light To Your's and illuminate our Country
That our Country may illuminate the World
We will never win with Sodom
We will never win with Rome
We will never win with Angels
We will never Win with our Brothers
We win only by submitting to You and Your Ambassador on Earth Donald Trump
Help us to follow Him more perfectly that He may Lead us to You
In Jesus' Name
In Donald Trump's Name
In Yahweh's Name


Who doesn't love Bill Gates?

Just wondering what's there to dislike.

trump's last great hope to keep Georgia from certifying went up in flames about an hour ago

A trump-appointed judge dismissed a motion for a restraining order filed by Lin Wood.

No standing.
No constitutional violation.
Evidence only of isolated issues.


So, on what rationale does trump NOT get arrested the day after his inauguration?

Remember that Michael Cohen went to jail for breaking Federal election laws? Remember that "Individual-1" was a co-conspirator?

I imagine that trump's defense would be that he never instructed Cohen to pay off Stormy Daniels. But what objective person would ever believe that?

BREAKING - CNN reports that Wayne county has reversed course.

Voted to certify.

These people have gone off the deep end

Want to know who are bigger sore losers than even trump? Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. Nasty, nasty people.


trump's last tweet was 16 hours ago. Has he croaked?

Yeah, I know.... wishful thinking.
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