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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
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How does it make sense for the trump defense team to attack Hunter Biden?

The impeachment charge: trump withheld aide money to Ukraine in order to extort them into investigating the Bidens.

The trump defense: it's fishy that Hunter Biden made a lot of money in Ukraine so he should have been investigated.

That's the defense, and it's utterly stupid because it actually supports the impeachment charge. Of course, the d stupidity of that unintended congruity will be lost on trumpists, who will assert that suspicion of Hunter's income excuses away trump's extortion.... never mind that almost all of their orange hero's lifetime income has been suspicious.

You know, I've served on juries a couple of times... and it's sad to say that throwing irrelevant fogs and smokes and irrelevancies and red herrings and non sequiturs, etc., on a case can be very effective defensively. And to top it off, Republicans are not very bright in the first place.

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