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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
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You think you're doing good, but do not recycle your pizza boxes

They can't be recycled, and you're only slowing down the recycling of other useful things.


The many ways Gordon Sondland was STILL full of shit

“We did not want to work with Mr. Giuliani. Simply put, we played the hand we were dealt. We all understood that if we refused to work with Mr. Giuliani, we would lose an important opportunity to cement relations between the United States and Ukraine. So we followed the President’s orders.”


1) How would forcing Ukraine to do something it had no willingness to do "cement" a relationship except as a pawn for any slimy thing trump wanted them to do?

and more importantly:

2) No, extorting Ukraine was obviously NOT the only way to get the military aid and meeting they wanted, as PROVEN subsequently by trump's fearful release of the funds once the whistleblower came forward. All you had to do, Mr. Sondland, was to grow some balls and come forward yourself to the public and/or Congress about trump's scheme. It's quite obvious you were a VERY WILLING participant in the extortion.

The hand you were dealt? Give me a fucking break, you coward.

"ASAP Rocky was the primary purpose of the phone call."

You're a fucking liar, Mr. Sondland.

It wasn't even the first item of discussion on the call. Nobody gives a rat's ass about some obscure rapper. The TRUTH of the matter is that you came out of a morning meeting with the Ukrainian envoy and COULDN'T WAIT to pass along the good news to trump that they were going to acquiesce to the extortion demands. It was YOU, not Mr. Zelensky, who loves trump's ass.... that was mere projection, as proven by your desire to have the restaurant know you had his lovable ass on the phone.

"I only found out later that Burisma meant the Bidens."


ANYBODY with just a tiny bit of brains would have asked at the time "Why Burisma?" And that goes double for somebody who purports to be an ambassador. Give me a fucking break, you fucking liar.

Oh, what would be the point of going further with this? I give up.

Is there a viable alternative to Facebook? Should we start one?

This secret meeting is the last straw. Zuckerberg is an oligarch.

John Bel Edwards in his victory speech references trump's support for Baloney Rispone

"And as for the President, God bless his heart."


Obviously Edwards knows trump had some chest pains this evening.

Looks good to me for John Bel Edwards in Louisiana

He's trailing by 8000 votes right now with 83% or precincts in, but the two largest parishes (Orleans and East Baton Rouge) are pretty much that remaining 17%. I expect Edwards to win by 10000 to 15000.

Just voted for John Bel Edwards - ridiculously

Why did I say ridiculously? Because this voting process of walking into a. booth and then having to TRUST the machine manufacturer that my vote will be counted for the candidate I prefer is FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

Should I deck him? He really deserves it.

Of course, I won't. He's my same age, but a frail diabetic and I'm in pretty decent shape for an old man. I'd never hit him although he's threatened ME with a knockout twice now. AS IF!

I'm talking about my next door neighbor. A trumpian, as you might have already guessed.

In this latest instance he and I were chatting about the result of the LSU - Alabama game (we're both LSU fans) and the subject of one of the CBS commentators came up.

Me: "I agreed with Gary Danielson. There was no excuse for that last touchdown by Alabama. What were our coaches thinking?"

Neighbor: "That's true, but Gary Danielson is an idiot."

Me: "I rather like him. He's smart and objective."

Neighbor (a hot head who can't bear to be contradicted): "HE'S AN IDIOT. That's a fact! You don't know anything about sports!"

Me: "Well, those are not facts but opinions. And you're entitled to them. Even though they're wrong."

Neighbor (apparently aware that I don't care much for his trumpism): "I'm sick and tired of liberals liking the wrong things and the wrong people!"

Me: "Well, I don't like a particular racist Russian puppet pervert crook.... but you do."

Neighbor: "YOU CAN'T CALL ME THOSE THINGS! I'll knock your fucking head off!"

Me: "Well, that ain't gonna happen. And I didn't call you those things, but that's what you voted for and what you still like."

Neighbor: "YOU'RE A DAMN....."

I didn't catch the end of that flak because I got into my car to drive to the grocery store.


Most interesting thing about this story? My browser here is trying to capitalize "trumpian" and "trumpism" and "trump" every time I type it in.

An LSU fan here with an observation about right wing cognitive dissonance.

No, scratch that... it's just plain hypocrisy.

In this case I'm talking about reactions to a comment by head coach Ed Orgeron inside the LSU locker room after the Tigers' big victory at Alabama.

In a moment meant only for his celebrating team, Orgeron shouted about finally catching Alabama and about surpassing them in the future... and then followed that up with "They say 'Roll Tide'? Fuck them!"

Locker room talk if ever I've heard such.

And, of course, Alabama fans are outraged this morning about LSU's "classless", "low life", "potty mouth", "infantile" head coach.

Well, you know where I'm going with this. These are the same people who voted for donald trump and cheered him yesterday inside their stadium.

I say fuck them.

By the way, I would still love Ed Orgeron if he shot somebody in broad daylight on Bourbon Street.

Well, not really.

Tuscaloosa is not a big city. The LSU game will double its population and quadruple its traffic.

His presence there will cause massive traffic disruption before the game. It's all about him, everything else be damned.

But actually my primary purpose for starting this thread was to say

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