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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,732

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"Me" versus "I"

Of course there are grammar rules as to which is proper within a sentence, but after hearing several instances of misuse on TV this morning I'm becoming convinced that within the next few years the rules will be tossed out and the two words will become acceptably interchangeable everywhere.

It seems to me that in most cases where "I" is used improperly the speaker wants to sound more educated than he really is.... for example, "Merry Christmas from Betty and I" or "Between you and I, the Celtics are the better team." In the old days those would have made one's ears bleed, but no more.

My prediction: McConnell will go nuclear.

And the Senate will forever have lost its dignity as a deliberative body.

I just don't see how a supreme narcissist could ever admit to being wrong. And I can't see, either, how wise or moderate voices could ever have more sway over him than do fawning idiots like Limbaugh and Ingraham and Hannity, who as rich people have little if anything to lose by a government shutdown.

This will be a long disaster, but in desperation McConnell will sacrifice the Senate.

Won't this be paid vacation?

Don't these Federal workers historically get paid later for any work missed?

I'm sure most Federal employees are proud enough to not want it this way, but, hey, at least there's a silver lining.

It's we laypersons who should be pissed!

They voted to proceed by not proceeding

And we PAY them for that?

Vice: Why would I want to see a movie about Dick Cheney?

I like "Veep"... is it in the same vein?

Just read a lot of the transcript of Comey's interview before the House judiciary committee

I mean... really, what did those assholes expect?

That Comey had now seen the light, and would go in there and confess that everything he once held correct was totally and deliberately wrong? That he and everybody else in the FBI was on Team Clinton? That the FBI falsified everything before a FISA judge because they knew the Russia thing was all baloney?

And why would they even want this behind closed doors in the first place? I mean, the drama of it all is drastically reduced when nobody can see the actors and their faux outrage histrionics.

WHAT WAS THE F***ING POINT of that hidden shit show?

Feeling sick today because the biggest takeaway I got from the Flynn sentencing memo

is that this Mueller investigation is nowhere close to its conclusion.

Flynn led the "lock her up!" cheers

Fuck this. I am not happy.

Can the House Judiciary Committee subpoena Senators to appear before a public hearing?

I'm wanting McConnell and other Republicans to answer for Russian connections.

At the risk of suspension here, too, is mentioning Jim Crow laws considered racist?

I was suspended from a right-leaning forum last night because when Hyde-Smith won I said "Congratulations, Mississippi. Your Jim Crow lynching image continues."

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