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Goodheart's Journal
Goodheart's Journal
June 26, 2017

How to fix the Affordable Care Act

Any thoughts?

My own, so far:

1- No more state-by-state Healthcare.gov exchanges. All Marketplace insurance providers must provide national access across all counties and parishes.... or they can't participate. Result: eliminates the talking point that some counties have zero marketplace coverage.

2- No more employer-provided coverage for Federal government workers, including the military. They must all get their coverage on the exchanges. State and Local governments can provide employer-coverage but such benefits will be taxable compensation to workers. Results: Massive incentive for private insurance companies to participate in the national exchanges.

Of course, I'd prefer to cut out private insurance companies, altogether.

June 20, 2017

I estimate Karen Handel's IQ at about 89

I'm not saying that just because she's a Republican.... there are bright, albeit devious, Republicans. She's just fugging dumb.

June 15, 2017

Put the guns down, but if anyone thinks a gun event is going to stop me from calling slime slime

you've got another think coming!

I really, really hope Steve Scalise recovers. Mr. Hodgkinson was more than just a creep... he was an evil slimeball, and his stupidity only hurt our cause to bring true responsible, compassionate, effective government to our beloved country.

But as a citizen of Louisiana I stand by what I posted just a few weeks ago about Steve Scalise on an LSU fan message board:

Let me be clear - Steve Scalise is an asshole

He's trying very hard to whip up votes to wipe out healthcare coverage for pre-existing conditions.

To recognize just how big an asshole he is one only has to consider the case of a baby born like Jimmy Kimmel's... with a heart defect.

While it is true that even without health insurance a hospital would give such a newborn emergency care treatment to save his life, that coverage would END for that unfortunate fellow once he leaves, by force of growing up, his parents' health insurance plan. Unless he has rich parents like Jimmy Kimmel his life beyond his mid 20's is almost guaranteed to be financial hell, as would theirs if they're unfortunate enough to somehow lose their policy before he reaches that age. THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE BETTER THAN THAT, and with Obamacare it currently is, but unfortunately ASSHOLES such as Steve Scalise are trying to make America sick again because they suck at the teats of insurance companies.

June 12, 2017

Care to see some dumbasses from Virginia?

Here are the poor white folks of Tangier Island, whose homes are being swallowed up by rising sea levels. Forgive me for thinking that these rednecks voted 87% for Trump because they felt that white people would be taken care of ahead of everybody else. A wall around their island? LOL. Would that be anything like the racist barriers they've placed around their own brains?

Yes, I admit I've gone way past the point of kindness to Trump voters. Good luck on your resale value there.

No excuse for this type of stupidity:


June 10, 2017

I find myself wishing that Russia HAD successfully hacked the e-voting machines, themselves.

Call me a traitor, I don't think I am, but hear me out....

It wouldn't have made any difference to the outcome, but subsequent discovery might have once and for all annihilated the silly notion that black box voting machines loaded with secret proprietary software is a trusty way to operate elections.

Forgive me.

June 9, 2017

Well, we now know FOR SURE that Orange Buffoon won't be presenting any tapes

of his conversation(s) with James Comey.

He just committed to testifying under oath to James Mueller that he never said he hoped that Comey would let the investigation of Flynn go.

He also promised that he would let us know very soon if those tapes exist. LOL

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