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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,811

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Manchin is open to lowering the filibuster to 55 votes.

Mighty brave position for something that would change nothing while he's in office, right?


Is the Progressive Turnout Project legitimate? Because I'm dying to sign their petition

demanding that Merrick Garland indict trump.

I mean, WTF. Where's the justice from the Department of Justice? Where's the accountability?

Michael Cohen has already spent jail time for nine incidences of criminality in which he had an "unindicted co-conspirator", which means that that investigation had already found everything it needed to find. Where's the indictment?

And the obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation, for which hundreds upon hundreds of lawyers signed a letter agreeing that such crimes had been committed and should be prosecuted. Where's the indictment? Where's the justice?

Getting angrier by the day

And I'm sure I'm not alone.

How is the DOJ empowered to defend a private citizen (in this trump defamation civil suit)?

As far as I can tell, the Judiciary Act of 1789 established the office of Attorney General to represent the GOVERNMENT.

I'm sure you''re dying to know the latest from Mike Lindell

Absolutely 9-0! When the Supreme Court sees all the evidence he's gathered that China rigged our election the USSC will rule unanimously that trump should be reinstated:


And if that's not enough, he's suing Dominion and Smartmatic for "weaponizing the litigation process":


My thought for today is that Republicans don't care if they're alienating young people

with their undemocratic policies, their hate policies, their theocratic policies, their oligarchic policies.

Why? Because they're working on ending democracy, anyway, and will not need those votes to seize and keep power.

Your favorite sports star of all time? I'll start. Pistol Pete Maravich.

Pistol Pete Maravich - an amazing talent, so ahead of his time, and so very entertaining. He was one of those "did I really just witness that?" sort of performers, like my second favorite... the incomparable Secretariat.

Friend or Foe on Game Show Network.... how can anybody like to watch?

The show makes me cringe. I can't bear to watch greed get rewarded, and it often does.

My simple steps to atheism

- born into a Catholic family
- growing up saw all the evil in the world. So, at a young age I could reconcile the existence of human-perpetrated evil, believing that a loving and just god would ultimately punish the wicked, even when I didn't really consider why he would allow such acts in the first place.
- the step that REALLY started my turn away from a "loving god": all the cruelties in nature, where humans are not even involved. Why does it have to be that an alligator crushes the skull of a goose to eat? My young eyes could clearly see that the goose, the rabbit, the antelope... all the prey in the world... felt enormous pain, preceded by fear. I allowed myself the audacity to ask "if I created the world and every creature within it would I construct such a system? Is there an absolute need for it? ". And I then concluded that any rational person would answer NO to both.
- So, then, the next step at that point was to realize that there were only two possible states of god's existence: he either existed as a monster, or he didn't exist at all. And, inasmuch as I saw no benefit, whatsoever, to himself for an almighty entity to conduct a world full of cruelty and suffering my conclusion was that he didn't exist at all. (And, yes, I never ever considered that the almighty would be a "she". heh)
- Once I came to that belief (and, yes, I still admit that it's a belief rather than established fact), I am so certain of it that I can't imagine a more atheistic person in the entire world. And once here, the world's religions and all their rituals appeared silly, ridiculous, clownish, and their adherents uncritical and gullible. Call me arrogant, but I simply can not see how any objective person could conclude anything other than what I've concluded. Sir Isaac Newton? Undoubtedly a brilliant man... but objective on the matter? No.

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