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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,732

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Question on gun control

Would it be possible for a state to pass a law that would say, Use of ANY type assault rifle in a crime would be mandatory life without parole? or actually DEATH penalty?

I can't get this out of my mind about Jan 6. (How close we came)

I keep thinking what if Pence and Nancy Pelosi were killed? Martial law FOR SURE! Scary shit here. Now we'll have states that will not turn in their voting results. (what then?) If we don't vote like never before, we could be in real trouble.

SC allows people to do things because of religious beliefs right? So

A doctor should be allowed to do abortions because they feel God permits it!

Would love to see a 6 months probation period for purjury after Senate hearings for the SC!

THREE would be REMOVED right now!

I'm thinking 99.9% of the voting fraud was because of fucking RETHUGS! So?

I just wish the media would get THIS on their media EVERY DAY. THIS needs to be brought forth as PROOF the ONLY fraud is RETUGLICON FRAUD!

RETHUGS want guns. SC judges want guns. Maybe it's time to

Bring up a bill to allow GUNS in the Supreme Court?

I HATE this SC decision. The comfort i get though is

These SC judges will NEVER have a normal life from here on. Surrounded by security won't be fun. IF the vote in NOV. is HUGE we should win BOTH house's. VOTE like never before!!

The ONLY good thing about THIS SC, is

HUGE BLUE VOTE coming in NOVEMBER! If THIS doesn't wake Americans up NOTHING will! Somehow we gotta get ALL people to the poles to VOTE! Everyone needs to get involved and help where help is needed in every state!

Help me out here. I'm confused about the New Mexico county that was ordered by NM. SC to ratify!

What would happen IF like Florida or Texas SC or any other RETHUGLICON state SC, refused to order one of its its own counties to do the same? Then what would happen?

I watched the news this AM. I gotta ask

Why are they NOT calling this an ASSAULT rifle? Is this the NEW thing? They continue saying a long rifle. I sick of their attempts to cover up things. Did someone communicate with law enforcement to NOT use the word ASSAULT rifle? Pisses me off!
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