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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,483

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Taking the 5th. (discussion)?

Is it possible to FORCE answers from someone that takes the 5th? I remember something about offering immunity for themselves to ANSWER the question? (or stay in JAIL until you DO answer) Could the DOJ. pick and choose who would be the right ones to force answers. (doing this to get the BIG TARGETS) I would love to see some of these 5th amendment assholes given some type of immunity to force answers!! OR (JAIL time for whatever time they choose)

Just wondering this morning if the Special prosecutor could/ would

Stop the Jan. 6th committee from releasing their full report to the public?

Is there any type of investigation that can be done to

Discover the $2 BILLION that Saudis was gave to Jarred? I mean WTF?

Maybe the house should hold a vote

Get these rethugs (MAGA assholes) on record about TFG's comment on the constitution. The bill should state TFG intends to destroy our constitution!! (House and Senate)

Could the NEW asshole House leaders

Allow guns inside?

I have an honest question. ( because i really believe THIS could happen)

What would happen if congress DOES pass a abortion rights bill,( i know won't happen, but) and this SC rules AGAINST it? What is our recourse?

I gotta ask more questions here

Is TFG the ONLY target here? Could some House RETHUGS, that were ALSO involved in this BULLSHIT Jan. 6th insurrection be worried? Plus anybody else from that day forward? To add here, i'm talking about the Special council. Could McCarthy be investigated?

I'm assuming this Special prosecutor can (if he chooses)

Call on TFG himself to testify before his Grand Jury?

My thoughts, if tonight TFG declares a run in 24 with Kari lake as running mate. (my opinion)

Marjorie Green will be VERY UPSET!!

Possible or not possible? (i don't know if this would be good or bad) BUT

I would love to see ALL Democrats hold a news conference, CHALLENGING the RETHUGS to accept giving another stimulus CK. BEFORE election, PLUS include LOW price prescriptions for all, and include ANYTHING else to help people during this inflation period!! I feel this would be a win win situation. Just before election time. Would this be possible?
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