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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,199

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Next problem will be DEJOY

Messing with the Covid check rollouts.

Maybe pass a bill that if you voted AGAINST the Covid package

You request YOUR fellow QTHUGS in your state to turn down the $1400, plus their unemployment too?

Just wondering the IF the QTHUGS are sure the Dems have the votes (which i'm sure they will)

Will any of them cross over and support the covid package? ( a couple maybe?)

Question on covid package in the senate

Is the senate working through the weekend?

Gotta ask this here (the senate reading of the package)

In the future can a rule be passed that WHOEVER asks for this again, that THAT SAME person be forced to sit and listen to the ENTIRE READING? ( i'm thinking that if it was so, then maybe they would think twice before calling for it)

Would love to see ALL phone contacts between QRUMP and ALL QTHUGLICON

congress people since the election certification!! I know they are communicating their moves. That whole pit of scum is STILL floating around. That bottomless pit needs to be stirred daily to separate these scum ass's.

WE cannot let the QRUMP family get away with even one little thing.

I know the INVESTIGATIONS will be MASSIVE, but 10 BILLION dollars in ONE instance GONE? Holy shit and who knows what the fuck else they (whole fucking family,and STAFF) stole. Hell we're gonna need 8 years of congressional control, just to investigate!! HATE these MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

OK gonna say what i'm thinking here

I'm fairly sure there are HUNDREDS or more QTHUGLICONS (in our congress) involved in ALL that's going on in this country. How the fuck are we gonna STOP these son-of- bitch's?

Winning BOTH Georgia seats was so great, But

I feel like Joe and Krysten has taken the air out our sails!! Just gotta say how disappointing it is that we worked so hard to succeed and it's like a SLAM in the face to our NEW members from Georgia!!

What are the chances that these QRUMP lawyers, (all the crazy ones)

Can be STOPPED from ever filing anymore lawsuits? Is this possible?
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