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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,172

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Maybe going to camp david to get the pardons ALL ready?

NO FUCKING BODY should help him with the pardons. (i know he's to fucking dumb to do the pardon paperwork) Just hope there is someway to STOP the pardons, before removing the ASSHOLE!

Hoping to hear about lot's of people being fired from their home jobs.

After being involved and identified in last nights terrorists attack.

Is there enough time to impeach and remove him?

I cannot believe under these circumstances, they couldn't fast track it! (hell they could have voted last night)

Seems like lots of talk about removing rump using the 25th amendment?

IF they do i hope Pence DOES NOT pardon him for ANYTHING!!

OK, i honestly believe Moscow mitch would SUPPORT impeachment this time!

Plus taking a SECOND vote to Stop rump from EVER running again!! THIS bullshit that happened today was way BEYOND anything in our great country!!

We know RUMP is listens to CNN (cause he hates them)

So all this talk of his close allies claiming he's fucking crazy, gotta eat his lunch (making him crazier) i bet.

Could these TERRORISTS be RUMPS excuse to use Martial law?

Could it be that the police are ALSO being used to call for martial law?

No link but just saw police moving CNN back

WTF!!! ???

TERRORISTS just sitting there (almost dark)

Fuck i bet if they even brought in a big fucking water truck, these cry baby fuckers would start to move! Just a fucking wayer truck, come on!!!

UNREAL! TERRORISTS all over our congress buildings, AND

Not even a FUCKING BULLHORN telling them to LEAVE!
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