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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,172

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Any opinions on when WE control the Senate impeachment hearing, WILL

We bring in the X fucking president to testify? (would it be to OUR advantage to get him in there?)

Well well now we know two things about House rethugs

They don't wear masks and the don't go through metal detectors. Just like the TERRORISTS did!! And the say we want to work on getting along huh? FUCK THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saying here. It took these DUMB ASS RETHUGLICONS 4 fucking years to come to terms with

What EVERYONE on this great site, KNEW 4 years ago!!!

Moscow is ready to impeach BUT

Will he call the senate back early?

Just wondering if there is any chance that congress will subpoena

RUMP after he leaves office? We KNOW this fucker will perjure himself a million fucking times!

Wondering, how many of these terrorists that killed and damaged our congressional buildings

Were in the military before? That could be interesting.

Crazy thought here (because i do not know the rules of the senate)

What if 5 RETHUGicon Senators ( or what ever number it takes) threaten to SWITCH to I? Would that change Moscow mitchs plans? (New leader could be made?)

Just curious about Barr.

Wonder if THIS is why he resigned? Did he KNOW about this shit gonna happen?

What bothers me the most is the pardons coming

Pence is complicit in giving the mother fucker time to pardon!

I'm thinking the hotel motel records are being investigated

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