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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,918

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How many sitting senators will be pardoned?

Or sitting House members?

MSNBC just now reporting RUMP allies collected 10's of thousands of dollars selling pardons,

The fucking Senate RETHUGS could have stopped THIS a year ago, and did NOTHING!!

What do you know about bit-coin?

Is this how they move money WITHOUT being discovered? (i'm thinking that's the REAL purpose of it) From country to country. If so how can it be stopped or even regulated?

Curious question here for the lawyers here.

If rump self pardons, what time frame are we looking at? Would this go immediately go to the SC? Or start at lower court and work it's way up to the SC? THEN how long would the SC sit on it? (could this take 6 months to a year?

Just thinking here. It's pretty SAD that the states national guard are put in this position,

That they MAY have to kill an American citizen! These right wing motherfuckers deserve it BUT it's gonna be tough for these NG., that MAY have to pull the trigger!!

Help me out here. I, at one time heard that RUMP could take control of the NG.

I hope he cannot interfere with the swearing in ceremony?

I really really like the idea of adding names of All past and future terrorists names to the

NO FLY LIST!!!!!!! Hope this continues for a long time!!

After Rump pardons all his people, i suggest

The Dems. subpoena them ALL back and get them for perjury. Because we KNOW they will LIE,LIE, LIE

Any opinions on when WE control the Senate impeachment hearing, WILL

We bring in the X fucking president to testify? (would it be to OUR advantage to get him in there?)

Well well now we know two things about House rethugs

They don't wear masks and the don't go through metal detectors. Just like the TERRORISTS did!! And the say we want to work on getting along huh? FUCK THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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