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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,380

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Rump people just WILL NOT accept that he LOST

We are gonna be fighting these CRAZIES for four years!! I go to live you tube sites of California beaches, just to dream away, BUT they are all over and just will NOT shut the fuck up!! I blocked so many cause i'm so tired of their fucking LIES LIES LIES!! Thank God we have JOE and Kamala!!!

Rules of the senate?

Any penalty for not wearing a mask? Could Ron paul (or any OTHER senator) be REMOVED for not wearing a mask?

Is my thinking wrong here about the Senate vote on The stimulus package?

I'm thinking that when the Dems. go for it on their own, SOME rethugs WILL join them!! Meaning we probably will NOT need the VP. to vote!

Anybody wonder like i do, if there was any DIRECT phone conversations between

SOME Congress people AND the Terrorists during the Jan. 6th. assault)? (hell even RUMP and some of the terrorists) I DID see some terrorists sitting on the floor with their phones to their ears!!

I really believe ONE of the best ways to go after these terrorists is

Perjury! Everyone here knows that these people CANNOT tell the truth!! SO find a way to get them under oath and go after them! Somehow we need to get them under oath!! Any thoughts on this?

Question on tRUMP

I'm on a LA Beach cam site an while there i read some comments below. One comment was about the Scottish parliament. Stating that tRUMP could run for the Scottish parliament? Is this even possible? I know he has property over there. Or is this FALSE NEWS? The site i'm watching is this one.

Actually, how many Senate RETHUGS do we need to pass the Biden stimulus package?

I know we can pass it in the House. Wonder when the votes will take place?

Wouldn't bother me if Nancy decided to raise the fine to $100,000

After third offense with the Metal detectors!!

Wondering if RETHUGLICON state leaders will have any imput about vaccine distribution?

Or will FEMA take over? (I'm thinking the rethugs will try to disrupt it all)

Anybody here feel like i do about Moscow Mitch?

I cannot help but feel like he REALLY REALLY wants RUMP out of the picture for the 2024 run. I think that the Senate WILL remove and stop him from ever running again! (Hope i'm right)
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