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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,893

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Question for our lawyers here (pertaining to Jan 6th committee.

Let's fast forward to next summer. Is there ANYTHING this house could do, (like asking the DOJ.) to take over the Jan 6th investigation, (naming special prosecutor) or anything else to protect the investigation, if we lose the control of the house in 22? What are our options, if we have any?

My BIGGEST fear is that the RETHUGS will use State's house's to overturn the 2024 election

Will they try this in 22 i wonder? (i'm thinking this will happen in 24 only)

Question about TFG.

IF he were to die, i'm wondering who his base would turn to? I'm almost thinking it would be Green? (or maybe Desantis?)

Just gotta say here. What's going on in America? (I know it's NOT this but is)

The closest thing i can compare it to. THEY are ALL crazy for sure!!!

Don't get me wrong here. I 100% support mask AND vaccination mandates.

BUT for some ungodly reason Americans are believing the LIES the TFG'S base are telling them. They are turning against us, i feel. We need a hell of a plan for the 22 and 24 election. Just hope we can at least pass something that will help people and economy.

BOOSTERED! YAY! (half reg. dose)

Wife and i were BOTH boostered this AM ( 2 hrs ago) Not even a sore arm. Glad we were able too. Both over 65 years old.

I'm having a crazy thought here on the Senate vote

If Manchin AND Sinema were the FIRST two to vote yes, would that draw a couple of RETHUGLICONS vote? They would KNOW it will pass for sure. Just thinking out loud here.

I do not worry so much about a Democrat winning the presidential election in 24. BUT

I do worry about the RETHUGLICON plans in their states legislatures. Should i be concerned about this happening? VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Local elections are dangerous!

Waiting for the BIG ONE here.

When will TFG have to give a DNA sample? Just seems like we have been waiting a hundred years? Please let's get this one in court!

Explain this to me please

How does the Jan 6 panel proceed to get the ones summoned, to APPEAR? What is the process when these yahoo's refuse to show up? TY in advance.
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