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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
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Your thoughts please.

Ok i'm a firm believer in the saying Names in a hat. What if we were to put three figures (1.5 trillion , 2.5 trillion, 3.5 trillion) in a hat and picked the winner? Sounds like this would be the American way! Anybody think this would work?

I have ONE question about DEATH Santis Florida

Are people allowed to get the anti-body treatment, IN PLACE of the vaccination?

What do you think? (about Covid)

If you have a million dollar life insurance policy, then REFUSE vaccine, then die from covid, will insurance pay the million? I think they (insurance CO.) could tie it up in court.

I honerstly believe that, MOST RETHUGLICONS across our country

Really want a Civil War! That's the only way (they believe) to pull off what their goal is! (DESTROY our elections)

I would love it if the MSM would ask the NON-VAXXED who they trust more if they get covid

The Hospital or the CHURCH?

Maybe a dumb question here BUT

Could a texas resident flee to another state to get a LEGAL abortion?
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