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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,630

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I'm thinking it's time the House AND Senate Democrats start daily news cycles about

Using tRUMPS WALL MONEY to help science with the Coronavirus TESTS!! All the Billions would help science with test WHATEVER is needed to fight this disease!! EVERY DAY whenever a Democrat is speaking with MSM. THIS needs to be brought up!

Reminder here. If you DO buy some bleach READ THE LABEL!

Different kinds out there! Make sure it's for sanitizing!!! (Kills 99.9% of germs)

Can't help but feeling tRUMP is in this to make as much money as he can off us!

I hope when we beat their ass in Nov. that we'll make sure They ALL give EVERY fucking penny back! PLUS put the whole fucking bunch in prison!

I have to ask this question here, because i DO NOT understand how elections work!

If ONE or MORE states decides to postpone their election because of health concerns, WHAT HAPPENS? TY in advance!

How will anybody know if they hand over the

FULL TRUE Mueller report?

I would like to see Bloomberg, (or any Billionaire that supports Democrats) come up with

A plan to Get people registered, AND get them to the poles to vote THIS election!! (wherever it's needed) THIS would be investing their money wisely! The RETHUGS only win by STOPPING people from voting. This in my eyes has to be defeated! If such a plan came about, i feel that would be OUR answer to SC'S Citizens United bullshit! Any thoughts on this?

I just gotta ask this here

Why in the hell would DRS. be afraid to speak out about tRUMPS policies?

In my eyes tRUMP and putin (with RETHUGS help) have succeeded in taking full advantage of

RELIGION! Using it to overtake our country! WE better be ready for a HELL of a fight this election!! If the election is even close the Rethugs with Barrs help will win! (CHEAT AGAIN)!Most important election EVER! We have to win by LANDSLIDE!!

My thoughts (with the Burnie bashing here) i'm for Biden but

Two words that mean the same fucking thing are (RUSSIA and REPUBLICAN) THEY just want to cause us to self destruct!. To me Biden is the best choice BUT Sanders is NO RUSSIAN!! I refuse to believe this!

Maybe a dumb question BUT

Can the House defund ICE?
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