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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,630

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How easy was it for Russia to invade America?

REALLY EASY! Just pick tRUMP and the ABORTION issue and THERE YOU ARE!!! Stupid religious Right just GAVE America away! WW1 WW2 Korean War, Vietnam war, Iraq war, ALL those brave soldiers fought and Died for this country, and these ASSHOLES just give it away!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!

Well i'm 99.9 percent sure tRUMP is giving Russia every secret info they want!

Will we EVER prove what these ASSHOLES have been up too? What charges can be brought forward AFTER Biden wins?

I'm thinking Biden will have to win by 10 million votes

And maybe 15 million? What do you think?

Why is it that the news media WILL NOT talk about All Government offices are

FUCKING CLOSED!! Can't talk to an IRS. person at all.

From North Dakota here. We usually watch our GOV. daily press conference BUT

I believe they are from the White House today soooo FUCK THEM ALL!!!

Maybe we need a bill that all senators and house members that refuse to mask (safe distancing)

Agree to get denied medical treatment for covid-19

OPEN our country????? Why hasn't MSM questioned why

NONE of our government offices are open? Or did i miss them asking this question?

So ok all senate testimony over, what will trump do to

Fauci? I bet something happens!

Am i wrong in my thinking that a SC decision favoring tRUMP would be

Making a statement that we no longer need the SC? If the president is KING his (her) decision would be final? Why in the world would they decide it for tRUMP at this stage of the game?

i'm looking forward to the day that i DO NOT see Bidens accusers name mentioned AT ALL (NEVER AGAIN)

Her name should be BANNED forever here! Sorry that's how i feel!!!
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