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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,933

Journal Archives

Will there be a

Impeachment #2? I hope so. and # 3 too!

Question for our people in the know here!! Anyone got the answers?

Barr has done lots to piss us off. Now my question. Name what he has done that is considered absolutely ILLEGAL? Also what steps COULD be taken to STOP his BULLSHIT! TY in advance

With all the evidence aginst tRUMP He would be found GUILTY in 10 of 10 court cases BUT

Innocent in the senate. Make the RETHUGS proud!

Question on Barr!

What options are there to deal with him being at the white house meetings, with the impeachment team? Anyone (in the Congress) have authority to step in and keep barr separated?

I hope the House starts

Impeachment #2!! ( Stay the course) For the next 11 months!

Questions on Senate trial

Does Roberts have a say if Turtle holds a trial WITHOUT Articles of impeachment from the House? Can he refuse to attend? TY in advance

WE give Anti missle batteries to everybody EXCEPT

Our own TROOPS!!!

Senate trial WITHOUT the Articles of Impeachment?

Fine. This puts it in Roberts court! He COULD say to Moscow mitch NO WAY!! (We'll see right?)

Questions on senate rules.

Is it possible for any Senate Democrat to read a letter on the senate floor? Can Mcturtle stop it? I'm thinking IF a letter signed from past generals and presidents were to sign off requesting a fair trial with witnesses AND documents! THIS could reach EVERY rethug BEFORE they decide their vote! (i'm thinking MOSCOW Mitch will stop this)

The religious right have NO FUCKING IDEA of what the war will be like UNTIL

They see the faces of their families, (and ours) MELT from the heat of total destruction of our planet!
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