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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,876

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Wondering if future (after the trial) Senate subpoenas will

Be enforced? I say fuck the senate

If we had the possible underaged VIDEO (everyone is expecting to be true) These senate RETHUGS

Would absolutely refuse to watch it. NO SHAME!!

Kinda confused about Roberts power in the Senate.

Been said here that on every decision Roberts makes, it can be OVER RULED by senate majority vote. If that's true when the Democrats ask the witness question and Roberts rules FOR witness's, then the senate WILL over rule him right? So i'm worried the Senate COULD over rule him on the whistle blower name? How can this be stopped?

We have the HOUSE! i don't give a fuck if they go NO witness's

We have to DESTROY their ass's in the next 10 months! PUBLIC hearings, Good witness's. We CAN do this. Get the vote out! Hell we knew they would not remove the bastard. We Gotta get THEM ALL!! VOTE VOTE VOTE hearing after hearing, we can DO!!!

BEST question to ask? Let's hear it. (one question only please) mine is

Has their been communications between Barr trump and the senate?

i'm thinking we WILL get witness's NOW

If so who will they be? Totally AGAINST Biden jr. here. What will happen if the RETHUGS go after the whistle blower? (they could call the one they THINK it is) THEN ask (him,her) ARE YOU THE WHISTLE blower? Then what? I want Bolton, Pompeo,barr, pence, graham, rudy, perry, THe whole fucking bunch!

Wonder if there will be reporting on Late night lights on at

The WHITEHOUSE tonight? Gotta be working on getting their stories straight!

Could THIS have been the trap set by NANCY??

I bet she knew this long ago!!!!

WHY don't they want to talk about BOLTON?

Because they are ALL FUCKING INVOLVED!!! THIS is their BIGGEST problem!!

Just wondering about court decisions

If it were reTHUGS asking the courts for subpoenas against Democrats, ALL would be approved, and i mean fast! THAT has been the ace the rethugs have today!

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