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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,630

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These MOTHERFUCKERS breaking every fucking law on the books and

They FUCKING complain about a haircut??? Give me a fucking break!!!

My thoughts

With all the screaming about wanting bars open, i'm thinking the 20 to 35 year olds will be RUMP supporters! Think i'm wrong?

I still HAVE NOT heard a reason WHY judge Miller (RETHUGLICON)subbed

For Judge Silverman (Democratic)on the ninth circuit in Oregon decision ANYBODY know why? TY.

To me this fucking RUMP family has done more damage to this great country than

ANY WORLD WAR would have done!! That's how i feel!!!

Just saying, I believe we are going to have a REALLY BAD problem with Police

I bet in almost EVERY state! They have been recruited ( BRAINWASHED) by RUMP and pUNTIN (and the police UNION leader)! I wish there was a good answer to this. How can they (police chiefs AND sheriffs) get away with agreeing to community support from any side they choose to pick from? THIS has got to end! Never in my wildest dreams did i think this would happen!

Wonder which rethuglicon states are more likely to

Go along with RUMPS no election plan? Get the PROTESTS ready if they do!

i really do worry about what is happening with Police forces across the country

I almost feel like THIS is and was part of RUMPS and putins plan? I'm 100% thinking the Police unions probably are in this up to their necks! I believe our police across the country has been infiltrated by BAD COPS! I wish there was an easy answer to this BUT this election is getting more fearful as days go by!

I'm thinking the House Dems. should pass a bill CONDEMNING the THUGS in Portland and other cities

Get ALL the RETHUGLICONS on record supporting this bullshit!

Asking those here that would know!

Is there anyway to discover EXACTLY who are the GOONS that RUMP is sending to the states? Could the freedom of information act be used by the news media for this? WE have to know who these assholes are!

Gotta ask here. Is this Oregon BULLSHIT that hard to decide on?

Come on judge make your fucking ruling!
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