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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,649

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Wonder what the senate rethugs would do if

They were on trial for MURDER, and They were INNOCENT. The judge said to the jury, YOU CANNOT SEE the defenses EVIDENCE! THEY are GUILTY!!!

Any chance of STATE charges for Stone?

Surely he has to have some states after him. PLEASE!

Will we see a second impeachment in the House?

Please DO!

I'm here to give Hat tip to the top 3 Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar!!! CONGRATS!!

My thoughts on 2020

I'm supporting Biden UNTIL i see a need to change. THEN if i need to change i believe at this time i will support Bloomberg. (could change as time goes forward) The reason for Bloomberg is this, I feel everyone here will support Bloomberg IF he were the nominee! ALSO i feel he could draw VOTES away from tRUMP!! (I feel some rethugs WILL vote for Bloomberg over tRUMP) I WILL vote for the Democratic Nominee FOR SURE!!!!

TY soo Much!

GOT another heart!!!!

Ok back to inherent contempt.

Why not pick the best chance for it? Would Giuliani be a good choice? Would love for the House to pick someone and give it a try out. Who would be the BEST choice to use it on? Maybe NEVER use it? Anybody have an opinion on this?

Rethuglicon votes in the senate should have come with a 30 day change your vote plan!

Not that ANYONE of them would change their vote!

Impeachment THIS NEXT time might be different.

After watching this ASSHOLE"S behavior. Need to keep at it until NOVEMBER!!

Got another heart

TY very much!!! You know who u are!!
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