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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,443

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Something i would like explained to me is, what happens if the general election in some RETHUGLICON

States are supposedly close enough that THAT secretary of state or states (could be a plan that more of them)REFUSE to declare a winner? Could someone explain the procedure if THIS happens? TY

I gotta say this! The ONLY way i can see this (opening of the states) is

They ALL want the WORST case scenario by Nov. (2 to 300,000 deaths) to POSTPONE the election! THIS has everything to do with the election. Don't know how but it will.

Maybe a RETHUGLICON plan?

When Biden is elected TAXES will go SKY HIGH to pay for ALL the DEFICIT the rethugs are causing? I see the writing on the wall now!

Maybe our ONLY option is to Do what we are doing and let the idiots do their thing?

THEN sit back and watch the results! Stay calm, stay safe, stay indoors as much as possible! Some innocent people will get the virus BUT with this bunch of MURDERS in charge, all we can do is BE SMART! Protect OURSELVES and OUR families as much as possible!

Should ALL DEM. states just come out and say

NO opening until we get the testing supplies we need? (for tracking this virus) END of story! MY thoughts are YES!

The big problem is When tRUMP talks the media covers it all BUT

When the DEMs. talk (CUOMO) they cut away!!! GOD DAMMIT what the fuck is wrong with these assholes?? The TRUTH needs to have it's time on TV!!

MY feelings,I don't know HOW but i really feel the DEM. states need to

Get a handle on these fucking rioters! It will really get bad if the fuckers are not stopped soon!

I would like to see a panel of true blue scientists WARN of tRUMPS

Plan just before May 1st. BIG news live TV event with Biden, scientists and a BUNCH of our great Democrats, stating what's on the line, if tRUMPS rethuglicon Governors follow his orders!

My thoughts? The rethuglicon states conveniently have extended until April 30th.

BIG push coming to OPEN 1st day or week of MAY!!!

Ok your choice! Who will be right

Which state will open FIRST? I say Florida!
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