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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,109

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My thoughts on Epstein.

Ok i worked in a Mental Hospital for about 14 years. If there were threats of harming themselves, a pt was placed in what we call camera observation 24 /7. until DRS. decided to rescind that order! NOW i'm sure everyone ( in this facility) knew there would be a hell of an outcry if something happened to Epstein, AFTER he threatened suicide. The Hospital management, to my thinking should have given HIM the MOST WATCHED STATUS!! FULL CAMERA observation AT ALL TIMES!! This just doesn't make sense to me. I do not trust BARR for one minute. I'm hoping the family members (if any) should request FULL independent investigation of this facility! The House has much to do BUT i hope they become involved somehow.

So tell me is it true Moscow Mitch fell?

Anyone know for sure if he did or didn't fall and fracture his shoulder?

Just wondering here. anything on the horizon for the house and NRA?

Would love to see the house subpoena the leaders of the NRA. Follow the MONEY!!

Not sure how to say this but i'll try. This is about the NRA.

I'll start by saying there is a chance the NRA possibly will file bankruptcy. ( i certainly hope so) BUT here's my thing. If you have a family member in a nursing home, and they end up using medicaid, The state government will go back 7 years into their finance's and go after money that was given to family members. NOW i feel that if bankruptcy happens the gov. should go into the NRA DONATIONS for the last 7 years and force ALL to return donations received from NRA . (RUSSIAN MONEY i'm sure) This money should be given to family members that were killed or injured by GUNS! ( could also be used to get gun laws passed) I know this WON'T happen but this is how i feel.

I believe we all know now that tRUMP will go down in history as

The president with THE MOST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PRESIDENT!! RETHUGS are the fucking worst!

Question is CNN doing ALL the debates?

Or is other MSM going to have some?

Maybe just Maybe tRUMP will be good for one thing

The COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the RETHUGLICON party! I can see it happening!

Moscow Mitch is acting the same way about election security as he did about the SC nominee (2018)

WHAT DOES HE KNOW?? Strong indication IT'S RIGGED AGAIN!!! (in my mind)

Why isn't tRUMP kicked off twitter for good?

Total racism in his tweets!!!

Supreme court is getting more like RUMP

Seems like they are causing problems they have to fix later.
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