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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,870

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If SOMETHING isn't done, we will NEVER see another whistleblower! I DO NOT have the answer, but the DEMS. need to decide which way to go! EVERYONE here is tired of tRUMP STALLING. I'm afraid it's almost do or die. WE gotta get the courts involved, no doubt about that! Even at that, it will be a long haul BUT we just gotta start our journey!

What happens to the notes tRUMP takes away from the interpreters?

I'm sure the house will be subpoenaing those along with the interpreters! The House will have 10 years of work to get done in one year! WHAT a FUCKING MESS!!!

These days i get so fucking tired of MSM using the word CONGRESS!

Instead of the word CONGRESS, the MSM SHOULD be replacing the word CONGRESS with the word Republicans. And i mean EVERY FUCKING TIME!! The problems we have today are NOT because of Congress but because of these assholes on the other side!!

Just gotta say here!

I keep reading the DEMS. bring knives to a gun fight BUT man look what we are up against, The RETHUGS are the dirtiest i've EVER seen! They have NO FUCKING RULES to abide by because they OWN EVERYTHING when it comes to hearings. They have us by the ass at this time. I'm not smart enough to know what they (the DEMS.) could different, BUT some of the SMARTER ones here have NOT lost there faith, so I won't either! We knew it would be a tough road and it is! I do wish we had more power BUT This is so unheard of, what's happening now. I REALLY REALLY believe when NY state gets rolling the RETHUGS will get theirs! I say it's EASY TO WIN when EVERYTHING is in your favor. (because they CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT). I hear of INHERENT subpoena and i myself wonder at times why it's not used BUT i leave it up to the DEMS. that know. Would like to hear more about it from some here that know the ins and outs of using it!

With BARR doing so much crossing the line protecting tRUMP, what could be done

to investigate HIM? This is so BLATANT and ILLEGAL? Would the inherent subpoena work against BARR? Just asking for clarification. TY

WILL tRUMPS next farmer bailout be

PUBLIC record? I hope so!

Question here: I'm undecided but leaning toward Biden. Part of my concern is

This is what i'm VERY CONCERNED about. ( I know to some it's not that important,but it is to me) I want the person that is our choice to be READY and WANTING the whole fucking tRUMP family to PAY and lose everything they have and go to prison! My concern with Biden is , will he be the right person for this? So who would be the right person? I'm really having trouble with this! I certainly will vote for WHOEVER the DEM. is BUT like i stated i want the RUMP family to pay the price! TY all for any comments you have.

Possible to get a RECOUNT in NC?

I don't trust these yahoo's

Gotta ask this! of the smart ones here.

Any thoughts on when the JUDGES will Finally allow the House to do it's job? I'm talking about making a decision on the house's RIGHT to issue subpoenas! (and force witness's to testify) We ALL know the House has a job to do, and the judges KNOW this too! So when will they ENFORCE these subpoenas?

2020 election question!

Ok i feel it's possible the RETHUGS, now in control could have a plan to completely tie this election up in the courts! (They do have control) Could they could sue to stop results of States controlled by RETHUGS? Throwing the whole fucking election into a complete mess! What could we do to stop this? Am i over worried?
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