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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,670

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Any chance we could prove Pence was ALSO mixed up in the Ukraine shit?

AND ALL the rest of the top 20 rethugs in the senate?

Is it getting close for us here to guess how many

Pardons tRUMP will issue? My guess is possibly 30 or more!

Why are the rethugs against impeachment? My guess is

There is too many rethugs involved! The whole fucking white house,the whole fucking DOJ, treasury dept, the whole fucking rethugicon senate, all the rethugs in the House! ALL fucking guilty of breaking almost every law on the books!VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Could be our ONLY option here.

Watched a movie last night that made me think of tRUMPS future America. (about Nazi Germany)

It's called Address Unknown! Made me think of what putin and trump want for America! SAD so SAD!

In my eyes tRUMP has done a lot worse than shoot someone on fifth Ave.


There is NOTHING these rethugs won't do!

This election we need EYES and EARS WIDE OPEN!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

I trust that the DEMS. are doing everything they can.

But i get weak at times and think maybe we should pick ONE of the two, (Barr or Moscow Mitch) and concentrate heavily on them! What would be wrong with going after Barr? I mean really go after him. He has done Many things to protect tRUMP! I don't know how, but we need to start using the courts against Barr.My Weak moments bring this thinking out. Any thoughts?

Confusing questions here. Hope i can explain it right

Ok This concerns the power of pardons. Let say tRUMP is impeached and Pence is president. Now if they planned this so pence will pardon everybody while he is president. Now my question. Can pence pardon tRUMP for breaking the law BEFORE he was elected? (by asking Russia for shit on Hillary before the election) If not who will file the charges on tRUMP? (Barr i suppose) TY in advance

MSNBC, CNN, needs to have a fox news fact check time EVERYDAY

Until after the election!

What are your thoughts here

I think tRUMP is in DAILY communication with putin. If he is think we will prove it?
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