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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,932

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Anybody know for sure

If the Ukraine DID get the Javelins?

I know the senate controls the trial BUT

Could the House request anything from Roberts, as far as forcing any witness's to attend?

ok House RETHUGS are complaing about House rules. My question is

When we get to the Senate trial, can all these ASSHOLES be called by McTurtle?

Question on testimony

Of the ones that ALREADY testified, i'm wondering if any of them were asked if Trump or anybody told them NOT to testify? They decided to testify BUT were they asked NOT to? I'm thinking this would be important to show ABUSE of POWER!

Just curious question here.

I think tRUMP is making mega money off his bullshit wall somehow. Anybody else feel that way?

Maybe a dumb question but

Can the house stop the vote when they get the number they need? So some members don't need to vote.

Just gotta say, If you could build a wall out of tRUMPS lies

50 walls would be built by now! So fucking tired of this shit!

Please explain the (senate trial) on this question

Could the House call tRUMP as a witness? If not can the house use ALL the tRUMP videos they choose as tRUMP testimony? (when he states yea he did what they say he did). TY in advance

Question on House rules

Can the house pass a rule that anybody that crashes a hearing will not be ALLOWED on ANY future committees?

If it ALL comes to deal making to end this shit, would you

Forgive all RETHUGS and tRUMP and his family IF they (THE RETHUGS) give us the House, Senate, AND white house? Yea i know CRAZY thought here.
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